BB% – The proportion of plate appearances that end in a walk.

K% – The proportion of plate appearances that end in a strikeout.

WAR (Wins Above Replacement) – A metric that measures how valuable a player is. An average major league starter would have a value of 2.0.

OAA (Outs Above Average) – A  statcast metric used to evaluate outfielders.  It is calculated using the distance an outfielder must travel to make the catch and the time they have to do it for each opportunity to make a play.

Hitting for the cycle –  When a hitter gets a single, double, triple and homerun in a single game.

IP (Innings Pitched) – The number of innings completed by a pitcher by putting out batters or baserunners. One out is recorded as 0.1 IP and two outs as 0.2 IP.

Shutout – A pitcher is awarded a shutout when he is the only pitcher to pitch for his team without giving up a run. A team can be said to have a shutout when more than one player pitches.

Walk-off – When a team wins a game with the last plate appearance by taking the lead in either the bottom of the ninth or extra innings.

Grand Slam – A home run with the bases loaded scoring four runs.

Balk – When a pitcher is adjudged to have made an illegal motion. This results in each runner moving up one base with the batter remaining at the plate.

Bases Loaded When there is a runner on each base.

DRS (Defensive Runs Saved) – A defensive metric that shows the number of runs saved by a player compared to the average player.

PA (Plate Appearance) – Each time a hitter is at the plate.

AB (At Bat) – A hitter is awarded an at bat when the plate appearance ends in a hit, an out that is not part of a sacrifice , reaching on an error or there is a fielders’ choice. Notably A hitter is not awarded an at bat when they reach base via a walk or successfully conduct a sacrifice.

CBT (Competetive Balance Tax) – A financial punishment for spending over a certain threshold.

Error – A fielder is given an error if he fails to make a routine play which allows a batter or baserunner to advance at least one base. A fielder can also be given an error if he fails to make an out which extends an at bat.

Fielders’ Choice – When a batter reaches base due to a fielder attempting to put out a different base runner.

Sacrifice Hit – Sometimes called a sacrifice bunt, this is the act of a hitter bunting the ball such that a baserunner can advance a base without the batter successfully reaching first.

Sacrifice Fly – The act of hitting the ball to the outfield such that a runner on third base can score despite the hitter being put out by a fielder catching the ball on the fly.