Frontcourt –  The forwards and centre on a basketball team or the offensive half of the court.

Backcourt – The guards or the defensive half of the court.

Bird Rule – Allows teams to go over the salary cap to re-sign players that have played for three years without changing teams as a free agent. This allows teams to keep there biggest starts even if the do not have cap space.

Mid-Level Exception – Each team can use an MLE once a year to sign someone over the salary cap. The MLE for each team depends on the teams payroll the previous season. It is usually around the average salary of all NBA players.

Restricted Free Agent – If a player is a restricted free agent then their current team can match any offer that they receive to re-sign them.

Super Max Contract – A five year contract extension, between 30 and 35 percent of the salary cap. It can only be offered to players that have made the All-NBA team, been named defensive player of the year or have won the MVP award.

Pick and Roll – An offensive play where a player without the ball sets a a screen for the player with the ball then moves towards the basket to receive the ball.

Triple-Double – When a player reaches double figures in three different statistical categories.

Sixth Man – A player that usually starts on the bench but plays much more minutes than the other bench players.