Re-drafting the 2012 NBA Draft

Re-Draft Pick #2: Bradley Beal – Charlotte Bobcats

In real life, the (then) Charlotte Bobcats selected Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out of Kentucky. However, this time around, the Bobcats opt to pick SG Bradley Beal out of Florida. Damian Lillard certainly was an option here, but Charlotte already had Kemba Walker running point. Walker, similar to the aforementioned Anthony Davis, eventually left Charlotte due to lack of help. This time, Charlotte has the opportunity to correct that mistake and slide Beal into the 2-Guard spot next to Kemba.

In real life, Beal went #3 to the Washington Wizards, so there isn’t a great deal of change involved here with this re-draft choice. Averaging 21.0ppg for his career, with a career-high of 30.5ppg this past season, Beal is a quality first-option on any team and an absolute luxury to have as a second option.

While the loaded backcourt didn’t quite work out in Washington, Kemba’s more prone to dishing out the ball compared to John Wall and never really got a chance to play with a fellow All-Star. This pick just makes sense for Charlotte – you take the pressure off of Kemba on top of adding a quality, All-NBA type of talent in Beal.

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