Re-drafting the 2012 NBA Draft

Re-Draft Pick #3: Draymond Green – Washington Wizards

The first big adjustment to the 2012 draft sees Draymond Green, originally the 35th pick, jump all the way up to number 3 overall. While Lillard remains on the board, the Wizards already had a superstar point guard in John Wall. Similar to the previous pick, this selection is motivated more so by the need to surround already existing star with talent, rather than selecting the best player available.

Green wasn’t a big prospect coming out of college, averaging a respectable 10.5ppg and 7.6TRB for his collegiate career at Michigan State, the former Spartan was a victim of time as, at the time of drafting, the NBA was on the verge of the 3pt explosion, but not quite there yet.

While in Washington, Green may not reach the level he is at today in the pass-centric, 3pt focused Golden State system, there is no denying that his archetype is perfectly suited to the current style of play that dominates the NBA. With Wall leading the backcourt, Green will offer a nice balance in the frontcourt, stretching the floor and running PnR with Wall.

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