A decade of drafts: Re-drafting the 2012 NBA Draft

Re-Draft Pick #4: Khris Middleton -- Cleveland Cavaliers

With a young Kyrie Irving winning Rookie of the Year in 2011, Cleveland makes the wise decision of not drafting another ball-dominant guard in Dion Waiters and opts instead to take Khris Middleton with the 4th pick overall.

Middleton is an elite 3 and D talent in today’s NBA and even can carry an offence in certain moments. Averaging 19.7PPG for the last three seasons on top of a solid 39% career 3pt percentage, Middleton is the exact type of piece you’d want on your roster when contending for a championship.

Moreover, it cannot be emphasised enough how much of a boneheaded decision it was to draft Waiters -- a decision that would go on to cause friction in the locker room, drama on the court and Waiters to be not on the roster in just a couple seasons after. Pairing a young Kyrie Irving with Middleton is an astute piece of roster management that would have made the 2012 Cavs a fare more interesting team to watch and far more dangerous team to play.

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