Re-drafting the 2012 NBA Draft

Re-Draft Pick #7: Andre Drummond – Golden State Warriors

This pick will definitely raise a few eyebrows, however, while Drummond is the antithesis of a ‘modern-day’ big man, he excels at all the conventional skills you’d expect from a centre.

Drummond is a great defender and terrific rebounder, averaging a career-high 16 rebounds per game in 2017 and being named rebound champ three times in his career. Moreover, Drummond has been selected to two All-Star teams and one All-NBA team. While his playstyle is a bit outdated – and Drummond does himself no favours beefing with the more talented Joel Embiid – he is still a nice piece to have on any roster.

To address the fit, while it is true that in recent years, Golden State has leant more towards the small-ball lineup centred around the 3 pointer, they won the 2015 title and won 73 games the following year with Andrew Bogut at the centre position. Bogut’s presence made the Warriors more physical, more defensively solid and his injury in the 2016 Finals should not be overlooked as a major factor in the swinging of that series.

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