Boston Celtics

Brooklyn Nets should celebrate signing of Irving despite obvious risk

The decision will be met with its fair share of raised eyebrows after Irving's most recent season with the Celtics turned out to be a disaster of epic proportions. However, Irving is one of the premier players and point guards in the league, as well as being a Brooklyn native, thus the argument can be made that for a team looking to break into the upper echelon of the NBA, Irving is the exact type of superstar to lead you there.
Los Angeles Lakers

Four max contract players the Lakers should pursue in free agency

From reports of incompetence within the Lakers organisation - which included Pelinka lying about an encounter between Kobe Bryant and Heath Ledger - to the obvious incompetence shown in the Lakers front office the past year. While it is true Pelinka secured All-Star Anthony Davis, it appeared that the bumbling GM got a bit too excited and executed the trade before July 1st.
Boston Celtics

Kemba Walker, like Isaiah Thomas, can bring best out of Stevens’ Celtics

With Kyrie leaving, Aron Baynes' contract traded to Phoenix and Al Horford moving on, the Celtics are suddenly in a position to make a statement in the free agent market in the form of Kemba Walker. Walker can take the option of earning an estimated $220 million super-max in Charlotte (should it be offered), however, there are strong rumours that Walker will decline the super-max in favour of playing for a contender.
Los Angeles Lakers

What the Lakers should do next: Four bargain role players to fit alongside Davis and LeBron

The NBA's worst kept secret was revealed on Saturday night, the New Orleans Pelicans traded top five talent in the league Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. Davis is the type of talent that when he becomes available, general managers leap before they look. It's very much a case of secure the talent first and then take it from there. Whether or not Rob Pelinka of the LA Lakers adopted this mindset is up for debate, however, what we do know is that the Lakers gave up a king's ransom for Davis.
Houston Rockets

Houston we have a problem: Turmoil between Paul and the Rockets means it’s time to hit reset button

Midway through the regular season a clip emerged of Houston Rockets guards Chris Paul and James Harden getting into it on the bench during a game. Most people, reasonably, brushed it aside as a heated moment between two elite and driven athletes. However, it has emerged that the relationship status between Paul and Harden has become "unsalvageable".
Westbrook Lillard

Westbrook vs Lillard: This playoff matchup means more

The parallels are most apparent between the Blazers and the Thunder at the point-guard position. Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard are two of the top five point-guards in the NBA. Both play with a chip on their shoulder the size of a boulder, but most importantly, both have shown unwavering loyalty to their franchises and their cities.