New Orleans Saints

Covid cap may close New Orleans Saints’ Super Bowl window

The Covid-19 pandemic has been the bane of life in 2020, with even the simplest of life’s pleasures being unceremoniously upended as the world has scrambled to limit its spread. As one such pleasure, sport has taken a big hit this year. In the name of public health and safety, competitions have been postponed and cancelled, crowds were expunged and replaced by canned noises over a PA system or television set, and a lot of revenue was lost for professional sports.
Kansas City Chiefs

Five important numbers going into Super Bowl LIV

Below are five numbers to arm you with the predictive contextualised information that is most likely to determine who will win the Lombardi Trophy ... and who'll just be picking 31st in the 2020 NFL Draft in Las Vegas. These figures flag as the most important factors when it comes to forecasting each team's ability to earn (or prevent) first downs and touchdowns.

Super Bowl LIV: Betting Preview

Super Bowl LIV has the prospect of providing great drama between two pretty evenly-matched sides in Miami. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers had very different regular seasons but have looked like terrifying clubs in January, with both of them winning their Divisional Round and Conference Championship games by 14 or more points to reach the Big Game.