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10 best shooters in the NBA in 2022-23

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Shooting has become such a vital part of basketball that having one of the best NBA shooters 2022-23 is now a top priority for GMs when they’re putting together their roster.

They know that an elite sniper on the court can come in very handy come playoff time.

Best NBA shooters 2022-23

Young players have begun working on expanding their range now more than ever. Even big men need to knock down shots to be on the floor in today’s basketball, and that’s one of the many reasons why scouts are so high on Victor Wembanyama and try to find these so-called unicorns.

So, even though some old-school fans may not exactly be fond of jump-shot-happy teams, that’s just the way the game has evolved. Considering that, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the league and put together a list of the top 10 best NBA shooters 2022-23.

10. Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard needs to be quite thankful to his shooting coach. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s one of the best shooters in the NBA right now, there’s no way the Los Angeles Clippers would’ve signed him to that big, somewhat head-scratching contract.


Kennard failed to step up and take a leap forward when asked to be a spot-starter for the injury-riddled Clippers last season. However, he’s earned a spot in Tyronn Lue‘s rotation thanks to his quick trigger and ability to knock down shots from both corners.

9. Trae Young

Trae Young may not be the most efficient shooter or scorer in the league, which is why we hesitated to include him on this list. However, most of that has to do with his erratic shot selection and the fact that he’s such a big-volume scorer. That should change over time.

Truth be told, not many players can pull up from all over the court the way Trae Young can. He drew comparisons to Stephen Curry for having unlimited range, and he’s a guy who might well flirt with 50/40/90 shooting splits once he becomes a more selective and mature shot-taker.

8. Damian Lillard

It’s funny that we don’t think of Damian Lillard as a sharpshooter, yet he actually has a better field goal percentage than Stephen Curry in shots from 30+ feet. Moreover, it’s not like that’s because he rarely pulls up from deep, as he’s actually put a lot of work on those ‘logo threes.’

But besides being ‘Logo Lillard,’ Dame has been an efficient scorer for most of his career. He’s got a high arc and a quick release to avoid blocks, which is something most tweeners and perimeter players need to learn if they want to succeed in the Association.


7. Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns sure has a lot of confidence in his game. He went as far as to call himself the best shooting big man in the history of the game. And while he’s definitely one of the best there’s ever been, last time I checked, he wasn’t called Dirk Nowitzki.

All jokes aside, Towns can really score the basketball. He’s got elite footwork and a solid face-up and post game as well, but the thing that makes him more interesting is his ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc. His size allows him to pull up above every defender in the league.

6. Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield drew comparisons to James Harden when he was in Texas. And even though he failed to live up to those expectations in the NBA, he broke out as one of the league’s finest sharpshooters once he got enough playing time to develop his groove and get into a rhythm.

Hield has been closely tied to a move to the Los Angeles Lakers for years now. And truth be told, he’s tailor-made for their needs and could turn them into a legit NBA championship contender. He’s an efficient volume three-point shooter, and that’s hard to find.

5. Joe Harris

The Brooklyn Nets refused to include Joe Harris in any trade package for another star despite the fact that he was hurt and signed to a big contract. That speaks volumes as to how much they value one of the best shooters in the NBA right now.

Harris is one of the few players who could hold his own against the Splash Brothers in a three-point shootout. Unlike most snipers, who only thrive from one area of the court, he’s a prominent shooter from all over the arc, including both corners and the top of the key.

4. Seth Curry

The legend says that Seth Curry was actually a better shooter than Steph Curry and that he always used to beat him growing up. While we cannot attest to that, it’s clear that Dell Curry‘s genes are privileged and come with cannon and sniper-like aim skills.

Curry had to fight hard for everything he’s earned in the league. He bounced around the G-League, and it took him a while before he finally established himself as a valuable asset in a rotation. Now, those elite shooting skills have turned him into a highly-coveted player in the league, and not just Steph Curry’s younger brother anymore.

3. Desmond Bane

As shocking as it may seem to some, Desmond Bane has to be considered the third-best three-point shooter in the league right now. He ranked near the top in triples attempted and made, as well as in efficiency, so opposing defenses better start taking note and checking this man all over the court.

Ja Morant‘s constant drives to the lane sure opened up plenty of space and shots for Bane. But it’s one thing to take them and a wholly different to make them, and he made them at a high clip. Now, whether he’ll be able to keep that pace up and defend his spot on the podium in 2023, remains to be seen.

2. Klay Thompson

People continue to sleep on Klay Thompson, but let me tell you one thing. There’s a big chance he’d be considered the greatest pure shooter of all time if Stephen Curry never existed. He’s one of the most efficient scorers to ever do it and has perhaps the best shooting form this beautiful game has ever seen.

Thompson earned his spot in the league for his elite backcourt defense, but it was his unmatched shooting prowess that turned him into a perennial All-Star. While he’s not as spectacular as Steph, his shot is seemingly automatic, and his three-point-related records prove that he can get even hotter than his Splash Brother teammate.

1. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry isn’t just the greatest shooter in basketball history but also one of the greatest point guards of all-time. His ability to pull up from beyond half-court changed the way this game is played. For better or worse, he’s perhaps the most influential hooper in modern basketball history.

For some, Curry still had something to prove last season, and he responded by winning the Finals MVP.

He’s used to being slept on and overlooked, but he now owns most three-point related records, shattering all the marks set by Ray Allen and Reggie Miller. He’s the only player who can take 10+ three-pointers a night and still be a member of the 50/40/90 club, and he’s the most unstoppable scorer in the league when he enters human-torch mode.

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