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Lakers, Knicks & three other teams who should pursue Bruce Brown before the trade deadline

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With Pascal Siakam heading to the Indiana Pacers, now the Toronto Raptors must be swimming in Bruce Brown trade ideas. The former NBA champion has proven to be a winner and a versatile player who can contribute on both ends of the floor.

Even so, one has to take several things into consideration — such as the NBA TPE rule, Brown’s contract, among others — when thinking of Bruce Brown trade ideas that actually make sense. Knowing Masai Ujiri, teams looking to acquire any of his players will have to be open to trading draft picks, and Brown won’t be the exception to that rule.

5. 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers already have a solid backcourt defender in Patrick Beverley, but they could double down by pairing him with Bruce Brown. They would have rival guards in jail in the most crucial moments of the game, not to mention that he could be out there in small-ball lineups with Kelly Oubre or Tobias Harris as the five.

Nick Nurse is a creative and resourceful basketball mind who would most definitely make the most of a versatile two-way player like Brown. The only issue here is that Daryl Morey is almost impossible to negotiate with, just like Ujiri.

4. Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are an offensive juggernaut. They look quite comfortable playing in the 120s, pushing the pace up and taking as many shots as they can handle. They know their only chance to beat every rival is by outscoring them.


However, offense wins games, but defense wins championships. We know it, they know it, everybody knows it. Adding Brown to the mix could help them hide Kyrie Irving‘s and Luka Doncic‘s terrible defense.

3. Knicks

The New York Knicks have the most defensive-minded coach in the league in Tom Thibodeau. He’s found a starting shooting guard in Donte DiVincenzo, but trading for Brown would allow him to shift back to the bench to serve as another ball-handler and offensive spark.

The Knicks have already acquired an elite stopper like OG Anunoby, so now they need to bolster that strength by acquiring another outstanding defender. This team has the potential to be the best defensive team in the league, even without Mitchell Robinson.

2. Lakers

Unsurprisingly, most Raptors trade news has the Los Angeles Lakers as one of the potential landing spots for Bruce Brown. The Lakers are always tied to the best players in the league, even though they don’t have anything to give to get them. This isn’t the exception, and Brown landing there seems like a long shot unless they’re willing to give up their 2029 first-round pick.

The Lakers already suffered Brown in the playoffs last year, so they know firsthand what he’s capable of. He’s a one-man fast-break, a great finisher and cutter, and a guy who has proven to be able to play and guard all five positions despite his lack of size. The Lakers need stoppers, dogs, and guys who can switch, and Brown checks all the boxes.


1. Thunder

And last but not least, we find one of the most promising and intriguing teams in the entire Association: The Oklahoma City Thunder. Sam Presti has gathered more draft capital than anybody else in the league, so they could pretty much outbid whoever is looking to acquire Brown — or any player — and still be stacked with draft picks.

The Thunder have a solid starting lineup and a rising star in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, but they don’t have much depth or veterans. They could add a guy who’s been there and done it, an NBA champion to help them anchor their defense and who would be an offensive upgrade over Lu Dort.

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