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What do the Grizzlies need to address at the trade deadline?

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What should the Memphis Grizzlies trade deadline in 2022 look like?

If you ask Kendrick Perkins, the Grizzlies are the best team in the NBA. Ja Morant is the league MVP and the roster built around him could potentially beat Michael Jordan and LeBron James’ toon squad AND Monstars.

But despite the hype around this team, let’s “Carry On” and look at the latest Memphis Grizzlies trade deadline news and the best players available for them ahead of the Feb. 10 deadline.

Grizzlies trade deadline 2022

Let’s start by giving Big Perk some credit here. The Grizzlies have been outstanding this season. They are currently 3rd in the Western Conference behind only the Warriors and the Suns.

Ja Morant is an all-star starter at only 21 years old, and the Grizzlies chemistry around him has been on another level.


But there are areas for improvement Memphis could address before the deadline.

So what are some NBA trade possibilities for the rising Grizzlies?

Three-point shooting

The Grizzlies rank 28th in made three-pointers and 23rd in three-point field goal percentage.

Come playoff time, when the game slows down and defenses swarm Morant, the Grizzlies will need to improve on their perimeter shooting. So adding some shooters before the deadline could be helpful.


There are plenty of Grizzlies trade targets who can shoot, especially with the trade capital they have in their arsenal.

Eric Gordon and Harrison Barnes are solid NBA trade deadline predictions. They both shoot over 40% from deep and could space the floor and benefit from Morant’s kick-outs. They would have to surrender De’Anthony Melton, Kyle Anderson, and 1st round picks for them though.

Gordon is a volume shooter and looks like a good fit on the wing. But surrendering Melton would hurt, even though he’s been inconsistent this season.

As for Anderson, he’s a free agent this offseason, and Memphis probably won’t pay him what he thinks he deserves. So getting a solid scorer and defender like Barnes for him would be a good investment.

There are other players to consider before the Grizzlies trade deadline in 2022. Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum, Justin Holiday, and Terrence Ross can all shoot and defend, which is in line with the grit and grind culture in Memphis.

The question is, does Memphis need any upgrades before the playoffs though?

If it ain’t broke…

If you pluck the Grizzlies from the Western Conference and place them in the East, they would be sitting on top, two games ahead of the Heat. That’s how good they’ve been this season.

The only teams ahead of them in their own conference are teams they should be looking at as role models.

The Warriors drafted Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green and then developed their core. The Suns only added Chris Paul last year after slowly developing an identity.

Memphis is ahead of schedule. Their top 3 scorers are below 25 years old, and they aren’t even in their prime yet!

So do they really need to trade away a young player with a huge upside like Melton for some shooting? Should they really mess with the team’s exceptional chemistry before the playoffs?

History tells us that Memphis’s front office is patient. So maybe the Grizzlies trade deadline news is not as exciting as we would want it to be.

Bottom line is, Memphis will have plenty of time to add to their already exciting core in the years to come. Patience is the key!


The Grizzlies trade deadline in 2022 may not be as exciting as fans would want, but the team definitely is.

Whether they add to their roster or not, the Grizzlies are a team to watch as they are expected to make a splash come playoff time.

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