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Previews & five bold predictions for 2022 Conference Finals

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Our NBA Conference Finals predictions 2022 have arrived.

Just four teams are still in contention for the Larry O’Brien Trophy and anything can happen at this point. Needless to say, this is where great players become legends of the game.

NBA Conference Finals predictions 2022

In all reality, we couldn’t have hoped for more exciting matchups in the Conference Finals. Warriors vs Mavericks, Celtics vs Heat, offense vs defense. Both series could go either way, and the fact that neither of last year’s finalists remain in contention speaks volumes of how difficult it is to thrive in the NBA.

Making NBA Playoff previews is a complicated task. There are many intangibles and things that could come into play. Staying healthy and getting hot at the right time is key to going the distance at this stage. With that in mind, we present you with our NBA Conference Finals predictions 2022:

Celtics vs Heat series prediction

Our Eastern Conference Finals prediction is rather simple: This will be a bloodbath and will be decided by less than two scores, and in seven games. I mean, it can’t be another way, as these are two of the toughest defensive-oriented teams in the Association.


Both teams feature star power and sharpshooters but take pride in their bruising defense. We expect them to go back and forth with multiple lead changes and even a couple of overtime games. However, the Heat will prevail thanks to Erik Spoelstra’s playoff experience.

Mavericks vs Warriors series prediction

Our Western Conference Finals prediction is pretty similar to what oddsmakers think. We expect the Golden State Warriors to take care of business in six games, but it won’t be as easy as most fans think, as the Dallas Mavericks have proven that they’re no pushovers.

Both teams will blow out the other at least once in the series, but we also expect a huge comeback like only Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry can orchestrate. The Mavs will take at least one on the road from the Warriors, but there’s no stopping the Dynasty at this point.

Bold predictions for East & West Finals

But now that we’ve got our series previews out of the way, let’s go deeper and get riskier with our takes and predictions. Here, we share our five boldest predictions from the Celtics vs Heat and Mavericks vs Warriors Conference Finals series.

Luka Doncic will have a 50-point game

Luka Doncic is tied with Michael Jordan for the highest scoring average in the playoffs. That’s not a coincidence, as he takes his game and usage up a notch in the postseason. Moreover, teams often focus on his supporting cast, as they know there’s no actual way to stop him from scoring.


With that in mind, we expect the Warriors to give him the LeBron James treatment. Look for them to try and disrupt passing lanes and prevent him from getting the ball to his teammates. The outcome? A 50-point explosion from the European wunderkind.

Jimmy Butler will average nearly a triple-double

Kyle Lowry continues to nurse a hamstring injury and even if he plays, he’ll be quite limited. Jimmy Butler is the leader of the team and you know he’ll have the ball in his hands on nearly every possession. Also, he’s not likely to take many breaks in any game.

Butler is a willing and underrated passer. While he’s an aggressive scorer, he doesn’t hesitate to trust his teammates and share the wealth. So, with Lowry out, we expect him to run the offense and post LeBron James-esque stats throughout the series.

Klay Thompson will set another three-point record

Klay Thompson has heard all the noise. He’s heard people talk about how the Warriors should trade him and start Jordan Poole, how he’ll never be the same, how he’s rusty, etcetera. And, you better believe he’s keeping receipts of all those hot takes.

Thompson is still one of the greatest shooters in basketball history, don’t you dare forget that.

He already set an NBA playoff record with 11 three-pointers in 2016, going 11/18 from beyond the arc. We bank on him to one-up that performance and set another mark to silence his critics.

Draymond Green will get a technical five minutes into a game

Some claim that the Warriors would’ve won the 2016 NBA Finals if it wasn’t for Draymond Green‘s suspension, and I won’t be the one to disagree. Then again, one of the things that makes Draymond so great is that fiery passion that often leads him to get a technical foul.

Green will never change. As hard as he tries, as much as he wants to keep it together, he’ll talk his talk every time on the court. So, we expect him to get T’d up early in one of the crucial games, all but forcing Steve Kerr to sit him for a couple of minutes.

Marcus Smart will either get hurt or hurt someone else

Marcus Smart didn’t win Defensive Player of the Year just by chance. He earned that award by enduring a beating night in and night out, putting his body on the line, running through screens, and taking risks on passing lanes. That hustle and grind make him who he is.

But Smart can also be erratic when he dives for the ball or tries to do a little too much. That’s why he’s suffered multiple injuries throughout his career, and while he’ll get hurt again this season or, even worse, hurt a rival or a teammate. We hope to be wrong about this one, though.

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