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Predicting the Lakers’ chances of going on a Playoff run

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The Los Angeles Lakers playoff chances in 2024 are looking solid right now. They’re not a lock to make the postseason and will most likely have to go through the Play-In Tournament, but they should be just fine, even if that’s the case.

Throughout the course of his career, LeBron James has given us some of the best NBA postseason performances of all-time and top NBA Finals plays, and now, fans wonder whether he still has something left in the tank to get the team to the top once again.

While making a run to the NBA Finals could seem unlikely as a No. 9 seed, we’ve seen crazier things happen in the Association. With that in mind, we’re going to assess the Lakers playoff chances 2024, as well as how far Darvin Ham‘s team could go.

The Playoffs Are Almost A Lock

As of now, the Lakers are highly unlikely to jump to No. 8 or No. 7, but they’re not likely to fall below No. 10, either. That means they’re not going to be able to avoid the Play-In Tournament scenario, but that shouldn’t be much of a concern for them at this point.

LeBron himself admitted that they’re not focused on playoff seeding because they are only keeping tabs on what they can control. And what they can control is to get to the playoffs by winning those Play-In Tournament matchups, just like they did to win the In-Season tournament.


James And Davis Are Still Superstars

As always happens with superstars, the Lakers are only going to go as far as their superstars can take them. That means LeBron James and Anthony Davis will have to keep on doing most of the heavy lifting. Fortunately for them, they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down just yet.

We already know what we’re going to get out of LeBron night in and night out. As for Davis, he’s silenced the critics by being one of the most dominant rim protectors, rebounders, and interior scorers in the game this season. He’s been healthy and consistent, which had been the biggest concern around him.

Coaching Is A Concern

Nonetheless, Darvin Ham’s presence should also be a big concern for the fans. He’s been exposed and outcoached multiple times since taking the reins of the team, and they have never been more than four games above .500 since they hired him.

LeBron James has snubbed him multiple times, and he’s given his input on schemes and strategies multiple times, and they’ve worked better. So, unless the veteran grabs the clipboard and starts designing the plays for this team, their chances of going deep in the playoffs won’t be that good.

They’re Not A Championship Team

As currently constructed, it’s hard to think of the Lakers as a championship team. Of course, they should make the playoffs and should’ve had a higher seed, which is another testament to Ham’s poor coaching. But even if they were at full strength, they’re not as talented as other teams.


Anything can happen in a seven-game series, and the Lakers have the personnel to be an elite defensive team. Then again, they just don’t have enough firepower to get ahead of the likes of the Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, and maybe, even the Dallas Mavericks.

All things considered, all signs point towards this being another disappointing season for the Purple and Gold. They’ll make the playoffs, that’s for sure, and they might even win a series or two. But as far as winning another NBA championship or even making it to the NBA Finals, that’s just not gonna happen.

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