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Lakers & Heat among teams who should pursue a Trae Young trade this offseason

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With the NBA offseason underway, the Trae Young trade rumors have begun to pick up. The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly thinking about breaking up their backcourt, and for the first time since he entered the league, it seems like he’s not safe from being moved.

Some thought Young had the upside of being one of the greatest point guards this game has ever seen. And while that’s definitely not the case, he’s been one of the leaders in both points and assists since he entered the Association, although his lack of defensive effort and being prone to turning the ball over also raise some questions.

Trae Young trade: Five potential destinations

Even so, he’s still young — no pun intended — and an entertaining player to watch. So, even if he may have outstayed his welcome in Georgia, multiple teams could still be interested in his services. Here, we’ll take a look at some potential destinations.


Pat Riley may have lost his magic, as the Miami Heat have failed to land a star in free agency or via trade for years now. They clearly need an upgrade at point guard, which is why they traded for Terry Rozier last season.

Young would be the scorer they need next to Jimmy Butler. He would take pressure off his shoulders as a playmaker, and he could stretch the floor with his shooting. Also, Erik Spoelstra might be one of the few coaches who could hide him on defense.



The NBA luxury tax makes it tough for teams to trade for big-name players, as the new CBA prevents them from stacking multiple lucrative contracts. That makes the Orlando Magic a strong player for any star that’s available.

The Magic have more than enough assets and salary cap flexibility to make a deal work. And while they have a surplus of guards, that also means they haven’t found the lead guard they’re looking for. Jalen Suggs could help him on defense, and they need more shooting.


The Lakers have been in the mix for Trae Young for quite a while now. However, as much as it seemed like it was a lock for the Lakers trade, Young recently decided to part ways with Klutch Sports.

With Rich Paul no longer in the mix, things could get a little trickier for the Purple & Gold. They might not have valuable assets to convince the Hawks to give them their star point guard, and the fit next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis would be questionable.


The New Orleans Pelicans have desperately craved a lead guard since Lonzo Ball left. CJ McCollum can run the point, but he’s more of an off-ball tweener shooting guard than an actual point guard. That’s what would make Young a perfect fit for this team.


More than that, Young is two things the Hawks need: He’s durable and a solid playoff performer. Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram are neither.


The rest of the league could be in a lot of trouble if the San Antonio Spurs trade for Trae Young. He has strong ties to Texas, so this makes sense for him, and from a basketball standpoint, it could also be a beauty to watch.

The Spurs have plenty of young talent, but they desperately need someone to pull the strings of the offense and be a secondary scorer next to Victor Wembanyama. Wembanyama demands a lot of attention down low, meaning Young would be open on the perimeter and vice versa. They would be deadly in the pick and roll.

At the end of the day, Trae Young comes with some baggage. His character and lack of defensive prowess are legitimate concerns. Still, he’s just too talented for teams not to give him a chance.

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