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2024 MLB Season: Favorites, Underdogs, and Potential MVPs

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The 2024 MLB season is shaping up to be another exhilarating chapter in the saga of America’s pastime. With a mix of perennial favorites and rising underdogs, the race for the World Series crown is as open as ever. This year, the landscape is dotted with teams capable of going all the way and players poised to leave their mark on the season.

The Favorites: Dominance on the Diamond

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies have emerged as the titans of the 2024 MLB season, each boasting impressive records with key victories, reinforcing their favored status. The Dodgers, reigning as the top team in the NL West, demonstrate a robust lineup with a team batting average of .257 and a formidable pitching staff, maintaining a 3.32 ERA—one of the lowest in the league. Key players like Shohei Ohtani, who has shown exceptional performance with a .310 batting average and 15 home runs, underscore the team’s offensive and defensive prowess.

Similarly, the Phillies have positioned themselves prominently in the NL East, reflecting consistent strength despite facing injuries, like the recent one to J.T. Realmuto. Their resilience and tactical gameplay, accentuated by key series wins and a deep roster, indicate their potential to go deep in the postseason. With players like Bryce Harper and Zack Wheeler leading the charge, the Phillies are well-equipped to contend for the title.

The New York Yankees also emerge as formidable contenders, with a roster highlighted by stars like Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. Their exceptional skill set has significantly contributed to the Yankees’ competitive edge, making them a team to keep an eye on this season, especially when Gerrit Cole comes back off the injured list. Their presence, coupled with a strong supporting cast, positions the Yankees as a serious threat to beat out the Orioles in the AL East and potentially in the race for the World Series​.

The Underdogs: Defying Odds

Seattle Mariners

The Mariners, often seen as underdogs in the AL West, are carving out a narrative of resilience and ambition under the spotlight of key players like Julio Rodriguez and George Kirby. Rodriguez brings a dynamic presence at the plate and in the outfield, while Kirby, known for his precise pitching, fortifies the team’s defensive prowess. Andres Munoz has also turned into one of MLB’s best closers, with 12 saves and a 1.67 ERA through June 10. This blend of youth and skill is what the Mariners are banking on to translate regular-season efforts into postseason achievements, potentially defying expectations and securing a playoff berth.


Cleveland Guardians

With a focus on a homegrown strategy, the Guardians’ roster showcases talents like José Ramírez, who embodies the team’s gritty, resilient character.

Ramírez’s all-around play has become central to the Guardians’ strategy to outperform their underdog status. Their efforts are geared towards making a significant impact in the AL Central, aiming to convert their consistent regular-season performances into deeper playoff runs.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals are rallying behind the likes of Bobby Witt Jr. and Salvador Perez, aiming to rewrite their recent narratives with a youthful and energized roster. Witt Jr., with his exceptional batting and fielding, combined with the veteran leadership of Perez, encapsulates the Royals’ ambitions to overcome successive challenges and advance beyond their typical underdog expectations. This season, they are poised to surprise many by potentially securing a playoff spot through strategic plays and key performances.

Each team, backed by these influential players, embraces the underdog spirit, striving to surpass MLB season odds and naturally captivate fans and sports podcast listeners alike with their stories of perseverance and unexpected success.

MVP Watch: Players Set to Shine

The MVP races in both leagues are stacked with top-tier talent, showcasing players who are at the peak of their games. Mookie Betts of the Dodgers is a standout in the NL MVP race, leading with impressive stats including a .309 batting average and an OPS of .914. His remarkable performance positions him as a central figure for the Dodgers and a strong MVP candidate as the season progresses​. Currently, he is favored to beat out teammate Shohei Ohtani and Phillies star Bryce Harper.


William Contreras of the Milwaukee Brewers has also risen as a key player in the MVP talks. His exceptional start to the season, marked by a .308 batting average, 46 RBIs, and a league-high 49 runs has helped the Brewers rise to the top of the NL Central.

In the AL, the Yankees’ Aaron Judge is already a heavy favorite for MVP. Judge currently leads the league in several categories, including home runs (24), doubles (21), on-base percentage (.436), slugging percentage (.703), total bases (168), and OPS (1.139).  Trailing behind Judge are Juan Soto, Bobby Witt Jr., and Gunnar Henderson.

The unfolding of the 2024 MLB season continues to be a narrative of powerhouse teams and unexpected underdogs, with each game adding a new layer to the dynamic race for the postseason and the coveted MVP titles.

Conclusion: A Season of Possibilities

The 2024 MLB season is set to be a captivating blend of high expectations and hopeful surprises. Whether it’s the powerhouse teams asserting their dominance or the underdogs crafting Cinderella stories, baseball fans have plenty to look forward to. As the season unfolds, the MVP races will also be a key storyline, with numerous players vying for top honors and the chance to etch their names in the annals of baseball history.

In sum, whether you’re a fan of the favorites or rooting for an underdog, the 2024 MLB season promises excitement, drama, and, of course, exceptional baseball.

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