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10 potential trades during the 2022 NFL Draft

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The NFL Draft trade rumors for 2022 are starting to heat up as the draft draws closer. This year’s draft class may not be the most compelling on paper, but trades made during the draft always add a little drama and excitement to the proceedings.

In fact, the best NFL Draft predictions are usually the ones that anticipate certain trades being made because we don’t always know what trades are coming, but we know that they’re bound to happen.

NFL Draft trade rumors 2022

The thing that makes the NFL Draft trade rumors in 2022 so hard to track is that teams make trades for different reasons. Some make trades because they’re targeting the QBs in the 2022 Draft. Others need to make trades to address their most pressing NFL Draft needs. Others will make trades in the latter rounds to target some of the sleepers in this draft class.

Regardless of why trades are made, let’s check out some of the potential trades that we could see during the 2022 NFL Draft.

Eagles trade into top-10 for a cornerback

Cornerback is definitely among Philadelphia’s needs heading into this draft. There are also quite a few intriguing cornerbacks available who could go fast once the first couple of corners come off the board.


The Eagles have two first-round picks and could use them to jump into the top-10 and get the cornerback of their choice. Both Ahmad Gardner and Derek Stingley Jr. are cornerbacks who are potential top-10 picks, and while the position is deep, neither is likely to be available when the Eagles pick at no. 15 overall.

That could lead them to make a trade a few picks up for their preferred quarterback.

The Eagles are +340 to draft a cornerback with their first pick

Panthers trade down in first round for a quarterback

The quarterback class this year isn’t the best we’ve seen, but NFL Draft trade rumors in 2022 are still going to revolve around the quarterback position. With the no. 6 overall pick, Carolina is the first team that’s a serious threat to take a quarterback.

But the question to be asked is whether any of the quarterbacks available warrant a top-10 selection. More importantly, do the Panthers like any of the available quarterbacks enough to pick one at no. 6? With Sam Darnold under contract for one more year, the Panthers don’t have to push the issue at that position.

That makes them a candidate to trade down, using the no. 6 overall pick to gain a few more picks in this draft with the knowledge that there will be quarterbacks available later in the first round.


Chiefs trade into top-20 for a wide receiver

Even with JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling joining Mecole Hardman in Kansas City, the Chiefs are likely to draft a wide receiver to help fill the void left by Tyreek Hill. The good news is the Chiefs are picking no. 29 and no. 30 overall.

But it’s not out of the question for Kansas City to trade both of those picks to move up in the draft so that they can have their choice of wide receiver.

If the Chiefs have their eye on Garrett Wilson, Jameson Williams, or Drake London, they may need to trade into the top-15 or even the top-10. Considering their need at the position, that’s not out of the question.

Steelers trade up to select Kenny Pickett

Not since 2004 have the Steelers entered a draft knowing that they need to select their quarterback of the future. They need to get it right, which is why there have been all kinds of NFL Draft trade rumors in 2022 regarding Pittsburgh’s quarterback situation.

However, there’s no telling what quarterbacks might still be available when the Steelers pick 20th overall. Depending on how things play out, Pittsburgh might be pressured to move up in the first round, and if they do, their target will likely be Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett.

In addition to being the quarterback who’s the readiest to start as a rookie, Pickett is familiar with Pittsburgh, so selecting a Heisman finalist who played his college ball at Heinz Field is a no-brainer for the Steelers.

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Giants trade one of two top-10 picks

The Giants are in a dream position of having picks no. 5 and 7, as well as nine total picks. But does this class have enough high-end talent to warrant using two top-10 picks? That’s a question the Giants will have to ask themselves.

If there are teams that want to trade into the top-10, the Giants will surely be a team that fielding calls. Since they have multiple top-10 picks, the G-Men will surely give plenty of consideration to trading one of those picks.

Lions give up second overall pick

The Lions are in an interesting position heading into the 2022 NFL Draft. They have two of the first 34 picks in the draft, including the second overall pick. But for a team that’s rebuilding through the draft, they only have eight selections overall and only one between no. 66 overall and no. 177 overall.

This is a situation where Detroit might believe that quantity is better than quality.

The Lions may not feel that any of the players are worthy of the no. 2 overall pick. They could also be fielding offers from teams that want to address a specific need with the no. 2 overall pick. This could lead to the Lions giving up the no. 2 overall pick in favor of picking a little later in the first round and accumulating another first-rounder next year or more picks in the middle rounds.

Aidan Hutchinson is odds on to go second overall

Patriots move into top-10 for defensive help

New England will be an interesting team to watch as it relates to NFL Draft trade rumors in 2022. They made the playoffs last season, giving them the no. 21 overall pick. But the Patriots are also a team that could use an impact player, especially on the defensive side of the ball, if they want to take a step forward.

If players like Kayvon Thibodeaux or Kyle Hamilton drop outside of the top-5 picks, look for the Patriots to trade their way into the top-10 to grab one of them. Both players would have exceptional value if they aren’t off the board by the fifth or sixth overall pick, and the Pats are the type of team to recognize that value and trade up to get one of those potential impact players.

49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo 

The 49ers are yet to trade Garoppolo despite knowing that he’s not their quarterback of the future. But the draft could be the perfect occasion for San Francisco to trade him, perhaps in a package that also includes Deebo Samuel.

There is bound to be at least one team with their eye on a specific quarterback, and if they don’t end up drafting that quarterback, Garoppolo could be a good Plan B. It’s tough to predict how things will play out or what team will get left out of quarterback musical chairs before things get started.

But during the draft, there could be a team that decides its best option is trading for Garoppolo.

Bills trade out of first round

It’s a little unusual for a team that’s come as close to the Super Bowl as the Bills in recent years to not utilize their top draft pick. Buffalo’s problem is that drafting no. 25 overall could prevent them from finding a top-flight cornerback, which is arguably the team’s biggest need. If no cornerbacks are available, the Bills might be open to trading their first-round pick and building draft capital for the future.

After all, if the Bills get extra picks in subsequent drafts, they can use them to address their needs in the middle of next season, making an in-season trade that could help them win the Super Bowl just like the Rams did last year.

Packers give up both first-round picks to select wide receiver

There’s no question that the Packers need help at wide receiver with Davante Adams out of the picture. Acquiring Sammy Watkins earlier this offseason isn’t going to fill that void. Of course, Green Bay could use both the no. 22 and no. 28 picks on a wide receiver.

But the Packers could also trade both of those picks to move up in the draft. Ideally, they would make that trade before any wide receivers came off the board, giving the Packers their choice of any wide receiver in this draft, selecting whoever they think can help Aaron Rodgers the most.

Garrett Wilson is -125 to be the first wide receiver selected

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