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Ranked: 10 NFL games you can’t afford to miss in the 2022 regular season

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With the start of the season fast approaching, it’s time to start getting excited about the best NFL games in 2022. We know that not every NFL game is created equal, which is why it’s good to know about the best NFL games to watch this year.

That way, you can plan ahead and won’t miss any of the top NFL games in 2022.

Best NFL games 2022

But what are the best NFL games in 2022? Well, we took a close look at the entire schedule and picked out the best rivalry games, the games with the best storylines, and the most compelling matchups.

While there is room to disagree, these are the top NFL games to watch this year that you want to make sure you don’t miss.

10. Broncos vs Seahawks, Week 1

The NFL certainly didn’t waste any time in sending Russell Wilson back to his old stomping grounds.


Not only that, we get it on the first Monday night of the season. On paper, this should be a game that the Broncos dominate and win, although nothing comes easy in Seattle. Plus, the storylines of this game are worth following closely.

9. Patriots vs Raiders, Week 15

Obviously, every Patriots-Raiders game is a good excuse to remember the infamous “Tuck Rule” game. But this Week 10 matchup will be Josh McDaniels matching wits with former boss Bill Belichick.

During the 2009 season, McDaniels scored an overtime win over Belichick and the Pats while he was coaching Denver. More than a decade later, McDaniels will face his mentor once again, likely in a game that has playoff implications for both teams.

8. Cowboys vs Packers, Week 10

Mike McCarthy spent 13 years in Green Bay, winning six division titles, 10 playoff games, and a Super Bowl. But after being fired in 2018, he’ll make his first return to Lambeau Field as head coach of the Cowboys in Week 10.

The reception McCarthy receives in Green Bay should make for a fascinating subplot in this game. Plus, there’s a chance these will be two of the best teams in the NFC this year, adding to the intrigue.


7. Bengals vs Buccaneers, Week 15

After the way Joe Burrow performed down the stretch last season and got the Bengals to the Super Bowl, we should be getting more excited about him going head-to-head with Tom Brady, especially in mid-December.

This will be the first time we see Burrow and Brady on the same field, and it could be the only time, so this game is not to be missed.

6. Rams vs Chiefs, Week 12

It’s still hard to forget the 54-51 game these teams played back in 2018. If this game ends up being half the game that the 2018 meeting was, it will surely be among the best NFL games in 2022.

Even if we don’t see over 100 points scored in this game, we’re still talking about the reigning Super Bowl champs facing one of the teams that will try to steal their crown. If nothing else, this is a matchup between what most project to be two of the best teams in the league.

5. Bills vs Rams, Week 1

One of the best NFL games in 2022 could be the first game of the season. The NFL isn’t doing the Rams any favors by making them begin their title defense against the Bills.

Of course, in terms of starting the season with a bang, it doesn’t get much better than this one, especially if both offenses are ready to hit the ground running and play a high-scoring game.

4. Packers vs Bills, Week 8

The NFL was surely wise to make this a Sunday night primetime game. It features the two-time reigning MVP winner Aaron Rodgers facing Josh Allen, who sure looks like a future MVP.

There’s also a decent chance that this will be a Super Bowl preview. Also, keep in mind that the Bills haven’t hosted too many night-time games in primetime over the years, so the crowd in Buffalo is going to be wild.

3. Bills vs Chiefs, Week 6

Outside of the fine people of Buffalo, who doesn’t want to re-live last season’s epic playoff game between these teams?

Some of the personnel might be a little different, but it’s still going to be Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen trading blows. These are arguably the two best quarterbacks in the league right now, at least among those under 30.

Don’t forget the Bills won in Arrowhead during the regular season last year but have lost playoff games there in consecutive seasons. This game figures to be the next chapter in a blossoming rivalry.

2. Chiefs vs Buccaneers, Week 4

These teams haven’t met since the Bucs beat Kansas City in Super Bowl LV, which is why the NFL had to put this year’s meeting in primetime.

Plus, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have a little history together dating back to Brady’s days in New England. On top of that, who knows if we’ll ever get another Mahomes vs Brady game?

1. Packers vs Buccaneers, Week 3

With Tom Brady’s brief retirement last offseason, any time he and Aaron Rodgers are on the field together is going to be a special occasion.

After Brady at least teased the end of his career, there’s no way of knowing whether this might be the final Rodgers-Brady game ever.

We certainly hope there will be a rematch in the postseason. But this Week 3 showdown will be just the fifth time that Rodgers and Brady have squared off, making it special.

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