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How to watch 2022 NFL Playoffs in the UK

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The regular season might be over in the NFL but in earnest, the fun is just beginning with only the very best football teams left in contention to go to the Super Bowl. Things are about to get interesting — let’s look at how to watch the 2022 NFL playoffs in the UK.

How to watch NFL Playoffs in UK

Can Tom Brady win an eighth ring? Can Aaron Rodgers take the Packers back to glory? Or will the Raiders, who are making their first playoff appearance since 2016, go on to make history?

For our UK readers, we’re going to give the lowdown on how to watch the 2022 NFL playoffs, covering your best options and getting behind your team from across the pond.

NFL Gamepass

If you’re looking to stream NFL playoffs, then the league’s service NFL Gamepass offers comprehensive packages with a range of different prices to suit most budgets. The NFL Gamepass price varies but a tailored-made package available right now is the Playoffs + Super Bowl offering 50 days access.

That’s available for £38.99 and takes you well past the Super Bowl date to enjoy the extensive on-demand content. There are entire seasons to re-watch (especially useful for Ravens and Jets fans, longing for days past). As well as the best of the NFL Network programming and original documentaries to get stuck into.


There’s so much – 50 days entitlement might not be enough, should you get lost in this rabbit hole of American Football. For an additional pound (£39.99) you can keep your access right up to the 31st of July with the Pro package. This includes access to the 2022 Draft and all of its surrounding coverage.

Other options are available, including a mobile-only option. Check the official plan section on the Gamepass website to get the latest information, prices and offers.

Sky Sports

If you’re an existing Sky Sports customer and have a subscription to the NFL channel, then you’re in luck. The channel will be broadcasting every game from the Wild Card rounds to the Super Bowl in February.

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In addition to the live content, Sky Sports cherry-picks the best on-demand content, bolstering its appeal. This includes shows like Total Access, NFL Fantasy and ‘bitesize’ highlights of games.


If you don’t have a Sky Box or equivalent equipment offering access to these channels then it could be costly and time-consuming. Especially if you’re just interested in American Football and not other sports or television.

Check out devices to stream Sky Sports at home


Sky’s streaming alternative NOW (formerly NOW TV) offers solutions to those initial start-up costs to Sky Sports and the satellite service.

Usually offered in a contract-free agreement, NOW offers a lot of flexibility which is great when considering the fluidity of the NFL season. Furthermore, the access is instantaneous after sign-up.

The Sports monthly membership starts at £33.99. It includes access to all 11 current Sky Sports channels and Sky’s extensive on-demand library. Perfect for the downtime between the playoff and divisional rounds.

Find NOW TV subscription options

If you’re less inclined to spend that much, £9.98 affords you a 24-hour pass to watch the live channels. You could activate this pass effectively amid the busy schedule to maximize the number of games you could watch for your money. i.e. only signing up just before the first game you want to watch starts.

It’s worth noting however that the 24-hour pass doesn’t offer catch-up or demand access. This offers less flexibility and means you need to watch the games when they are broadcast. Depending on the schedule, it might mean pulling a few late nights. Sky might decide to replay games but this is uncertain.

All of the options will allow you to watch the games at a time that suits you with the relevant catch-up capabilities. That means you can watch the games at your leisure. This comes into its element when you don’t support either team or just don’t fancy a kickoff past one in the morning.

Whether you’re a hardcore team supporter or general enthusiast for football in the UK, there are many options to support all budgets and interest levels.

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