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As the chairman and CEO of the Baltimore Orioles, John Angelos’ net worth is certainly of interest to fans, especially since his father Peter is one of the richest MLB owners.

It’s not as if the Orioles have even come close to winning a World Series trophy since the Angelos family took over. That’s bound to make fans curious about how much the Angelos family is worth and who exactly is calling the shots for the organization.

Who is John Angelos?

But beyond John Angelos’ net worth, who is the man behind the Orioles? Not surprisingly, he’s had a rather interesting life, which has been controversial at times. Let’s try to get to know Angelos a little better, both the good and the bad.

What is John Angelos’ net worth?

As of 2023, John Angelos’ net worth is an estimated $2 billion. He’s earned much of that money through his family and from his job as both the chairman and CEO of the Baltimore Orioles, as well as the president and COO of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN).

Who is John Angelos’ father?

It’s impossible to get to know Angelos without first getting to know his father Peter. Peter Angelos is the living embodiment of the American dream.


His parents emigrated from Greece and settled in Baltimore, where he was born. Peter Angelos went on to become a successful lawyer and an aspiring politician, serving on the Baltimore City Council and having an unsuccessful campaign for Maryland State Senate.

Ultimately, Angelos became the majority owner of the Orioles and became one of the most player-friendly owners in baseball, supporting the players during the 1994 strike and refusing to field a team of replacement players.

When did the Angelos family buy the Orioles?

In 1993, Peter Angelos brought together a group of investors to buy the Orioles. The group also included writer Tom Clancy and tennis player Pam Shriver with Angelos being the lead investor.

The group paid $173 million for the franchise, which set a record at the time for the highest price paid to purchase a pro sports franchise. Angelos and his family have been in control of the Orioles ever since with Peter becoming one of the most hands-on owners in the big leagues.

Does John Angelos have any siblings?

Yes, John Angelos has a brother named Louis. While their father Peter still owns the Orioles, a feud between the brothers has led to some Orioles ownership issues.


In fact, there is even an Orioles ownership lawsuit with Louis suing John for allegedly manipulating roughly $90 million of Peter’s assets into an LLC that John alone controls.

Louis also alleges in the lawsuit that John manipulated their mother Georgia into allowing John and not Louis to take control of all Angelos family assets with Peter starting to age. That includes the Orioles, who John controls as the chairman and CEO.

What does John Angelos like besides baseball?

In addition to baseball, John Angelos is a huge fan of horses and horse racing. This is a trait that his father Peter passed down to him. In the late 90s, Peter purchased a 237-acre farm for breeding thoroughbred horses.

John Angelos has done his part to increase the popularity of horse racing by making horse-racing events a part of MASN’s programming. He also sits on the board of directors of Maryland Million, a well-known horse-racing competition. John is also involved in the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, a charity that provides a sanctuary for thoroughbred horses that have retired from the sport.

Is John Angelos a music fan?

Yes, outside of baseball and horse racing, music is a huge passion of his. He has a diverse set of musical interests that include Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Neil Youth, Edith Piaf, and others.

Angelos says that some of his favorite live concerts have been Tom Waits and Florence and the Machine and that he’s also had a great time at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

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