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Putting together the five best trade packages for Juan Soto ahead of the 2022 trade deadline

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Any Juan Soto trade package that comes to fruition between now and the MLB trade deadline is likely to be the most lucrative trade package we’ve ever seen.

After all, we’re talking about one of the best players available at the 2022 trade deadline and a bonafide star who’s only 23 and still has two and a half years before free agency.

The price in terms of prospects is going to be astronomical, as well as it should be.

Juan Soto trade package

That’s why we wanted to share some Soto trade ideas to give you an idea of what a Juan Soto trade package might look like.

There are bound to be several teams inquiring about Soto, many of them willing to offer some of their best prospects in exchange for the star outfielder.


If the Soto trade rumors come to fruition, here are some possible trade packages that we could see.


Padres package for Soto: Jake Cronenworth, MacKenzie Gore, Robert Hassell III, James Wood

On the surface, the Padres don’t seem like the kind of team that can afford to sign Soto long-term given all of their other big contracts. But they do seem determined to win a championship and might be willing to take their chances on getting Soto for the next two and a half years, even if they lose him in free agency.

The Padres are also a team that could put together an excellent Juan Soto trade package.

It could start with Cronenworth, who’s been an all-star in back-to-back seasons and would offer the Nationals some defensive versatility in their infield. Meanwhile, MacKenzie Gore would be a major-league-ready pitcher who could go to the Nationals and help lead Washington’s rotation for many years to come.


With those two players who are already in the majors, Washington’s rebuilding efforts could be accelerated. At the same time, Hassell is a top-25 prospect with a high upside while Wood is also among the top 100 prospects in baseball right now. Both need more time but will ultimately help the Nationals replace Soto in their outfield.


Yankees package for Soto: Anthony Volpe, Oswald Peraza, Jasson Dominguez, Miguel Andujar

The Yankees are an obvious candidate to trade for Soto and then give him the long-term deal he wants. After all, they traded for Giancarlo Stanton and took on his massive contract a few years ago. Naturally, this would complicate things with Aaron Judge heading to free agency.

But the Yankees could choose Soto over Judge long-term while also having both of them for the rest of 2022.

Plus, there is no shortage of Soto trade ideas with New York’s prospects. Shortstop Anthony Volpe would undoubtedly have to be involved. The Yankees would likely have to include Peraza and Dominguez, sending the Nationals their three best prospects and three of the top-40 prospects in baseball.

The Yankees would also sweeten the pot by adding Andujar to the trade package. He wants to be traded anyway, and from Washington’s perspective, getting a proven big league hitter would help stomach the loss of Soto.


Dodgers package for Soto: Gavin Lux, Dustin May, Diego Cartaya, Bobby Miller, Ryan Pepiot

The Dodgers are another team that isn’t afraid of throwing around money or prospects to win a championship. Even if they already have Mookie Betts signed to a long-term deal, they will be interested in Soto.

If Los Angeles decides that they want him, the Dodgers will have plenty of Soto trade ideas, especially after pulling off a trade with the Nats last summer for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner.

Much like the other trade packages, this one begins with MLB-ready players. Lux is a young and promising hitter while May is working his way back from Tommy John surgery and has the stuff to be a frontline starter when healthy. From there, the Dodgers don’t have to give up their three best prospects, although they will part with three of their top-100 prospects.

Cartaya is the big prize, even if he’s a catcher who is still a year or two away from the majors. Miller and Pepiot, meanwhile, are both high-ceiling pitchers with Pepiot already having a little success in the big leagues.


Mets package for Soto: Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, Ronny Mauricio, Dominic Smith, Khalil Lee

With their new owner, the Mets have the money to afford Soto, but they also have the prospects to make a deal with the Nats. Whether the Mets want to part with their prospects or the Nationals want to trade within their division are other matters. But on paper, the Mets have the goods to pull off this trade.

Of course, it’ll cost the Mets their three best prospects in Alvarez, Baty, and Mauricio. Alvarez is arguably the top prospect in all of baseball and potentially a generational offensive player among catchers. He just got promoted to triple-A while Baty and Mauricio at still at double-A.

But all three have a chance to be among the best offensive players at their position in the long run. In the short run, the Mets will also part with Smith, who can solve Washington’s long-term quandary at first base while allowing them to also trade Josh Bell. Finally, Lee is an athletic outfielder who is all but MLB-ready.


Cardinals package for Soto: Dylan Carlson, Jordan Walker, Matthew Liberatore, Masyn Winn

Let’s not count out the Cardinals from the Soto sweepstakes. They can find a little money when they need it.

They also have the kind of farm system that can pull off a trade like this, even if they only have Soto until he reaches free agency.

The good news for St. Louis is they have several young outfielders to send to Washington, which is why Carlson highlights this package.

Walker, a top-10 prospect in all of baseball, is also critical and could be Washington’s third baseman of the future.

Pitching-wise, the Nats add Liberatore, who has struggled a little early in his big league career but still has plenty of upside. Finally, Winn is an exceptional athlete with a bright future, giving the Nationals a lot to look forward to from this trade package.

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