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10 bold predictions for the 2022 MLB trade deadline

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With the middle of July upon us, now is the time to start making MLB trade deadline predictions for 2022.

With six teams from each league making the playoffs this year, the list of MLB trade deadline candidates could be lower than in most years. However, the teams chasing a championship will still be looking to make a big splash.

MLB trade deadline predictions 2022

Even if the number of sellers is lower than usual, there are still plenty of potential trades at the baseball trade deadline that could make a big impact on the pennant race.

Let’s get a little crazy and make 10 bold MLB trade deadline predictions for 2022.

Diamondbacks find a taker for Madison Bumgarner

The D’Backs know that they’re not a contending team this year. But that could make this the right time to unload Madison Bumgarner and the $37 million left on his contract after this year.


The lefty has been effective with a 3.65 ERA, so there could be serious interest in him because of a light market for starting pitchers.

Red Sox trade back for Andrew Benintendi

The Red Sox traded Andrew Benintendi before the 2021 season and he’s blossomed into an all-star with the Royals this year. But now Boston needs him back.

Outside of Alex Verdugo, the Red Sox aren’t getting enough production from their outfield. Trading for Benintendi would solve that problem, not to mention the good symmetry of bringing him back to Boston.

Nationals unload everyone but Juan Soto

There were some MLB trade deadline predictions in 2022 earlier this year that saw the Nats trading Juan Soto. But GM Mike Rizzo has done a decent job of insisting that Soto isn’t going to be traded.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of Washington’s veterans are off the table. Josh Bell is having a strong year and would fetch a pretty penny on the trade market. Nelson Cruz is also a good trade candidate even with an option for the 2023 season on his contract.


The likes of Cesar Hernandez, Maikel Franco, and Victor Robles could also be on the trade block for teams looking for a more mild upgrade.

Yankees dump Joey Gallo and Miguel Andujar

While a lot of things have gone right for the Yankees this year, Joey Gallo isn’t one of them. The Yankees could surely upgrade their outfield by pawning off Gallo on a team that’s desperate for power, so he may not be in pinstripes after the deadline.

Meanwhile, the Yanks don’t have a spot for Miguel Andujar, who is hoping to be traded. Even though the Yankees are obvious buyers, they will find fellow buyers who want Gallo and Andujar.

Phillies are buyers and sellers

One of our more unusual MLB trade deadline predictions for 2022 is that the Phillies will play both sides at the deadline. If they can improve their bullpen, the Phillies can make a serious push for a Wild Card spot.

But they can’t go crazy because they are clearly far below the Mets and Braves in the NL East pecking order. Yet, Philly can take advantage of buyers being desperate for impact players by trading away one of the big contracts on the team’s payroll, as Nick Castellanos, Kyle Schwarber, and Didi Gregorius could be surprising options.

Orioles are buyers not sellers

Before the season, one of the boldest MLB trade deadline predictions in 2022 that someone could make is calling the Orioles buyers. But Baltimore has been one of the hottest teams in baseball during the first part of July, making them legitimate Wild Card candidates.

That doesn’t mean the Orioles are going to do something crazy. However, a couple of modest upgrades could make a meaningful difference on a young roster that appears to be blossoming right before our eyes.

Rangers make two big additions

The Rangers are not the most obvious buyers right now, but they will make two big additions at the deadline nonetheless.

Remember this is the team that signed Corey Seager and Marcus Semien this past winter.

This is a team that wants to win and win now. The Rangers will deal for a quality starting pitcher and a veteran bat, changing their outlook for the rest of the season and making them a dangerous Wild Card team in October.

White Sox are biggest winners

Another of our bold MLB trade deadline predictions for 2022 relates to the White Sox being the surprise winners coming out of the deadline.

Things haven’t gone according to plan on the South Side of Chicago, which is why the White Sox will be under some pressure to make some moves since they still have to play catch-up in the AL Central.

Look for the White Sox to add a bat, rotation depth, and possibly a second baseman. With those three moves, Chicago will be in great shape and end up back on top of the AL Central by the end of the season.

Dodgers land Luis Castillo

Do the Dodgers need Luis Castillo? The quick answer is no, even with Walker Buehler and Dustin May on the shelf. But even with Tony Gonsolin, Clayton Kershaw, and Julio Urias leading the way, not to mention Tyler Anderson having a brilliant season, the Dodgers know that more pitching is the key to winning the World Series.

Just like they traded for Max Scherzer last year, the Dodgers will go out and trade for Castillo, who is likely the best starter who will be traded this summer.

Guardians trade for Willson Contreras

This could end up being the biggest deadline surprise. A lot of teams want Willson Contreras and Cleveland isn’t typically a team that makes bold moves.

But the Guardians need more offensive punch, especially a right-handed bat to complement Jose Ramirez.

The Guardians also have one of the best farm systems in the majors, so they can offer the Cubs a nice return for their starting catcher and pull off a big surprise at the deadline.

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