Three relievers and a shortstop the Reds should pursue before the deadline

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The trade deadline figures to be an interesting time for the Reds. They’ve gotten off to a sluggish start after the all-star break, taking them further away from the Brewers at the top of the NL Central standings. But the Reds are too good offensively and have come too far this season to give up now. With a few tweaks to their roster before the deadline, the Reds can still make a playoff push late in the season. This is why the latest Reds trade rumors have the club being buyers at the deadline rather than sellers. 

Reds trade rumors

Of course, the Reds’ trade targets in 2021 will likely exclusively be pitchers.

The Cincinnati pitching staff has been a huge letdown this season, particularly the bullpen.

The top of the rotation has been good while the back-end of the rotation is coming along. But the Cincinnati bullpen needs serious work, which is why it’s been the focal point of the Reds’ trade rumors with the deadline less than a week away.

Reds trade targets in 2021

Needless to say, most of the Reds’ trade targets in 2021 will be relief pitchers. But that doesn’t mean that the Reds can’t get creative with the players they pursue.


They can always stand to improve their offense as well while also looking for ways to improve a troublesome defense. With that in mind, here are some of the players the Reds should be targeting at the trade deadline.

Daniel Bard

The Rockies should be one of the more active sellers at the deadline, and the Reds can take advantage of that by pursuing Daniel Bard.

While his 1.55 WHIP is a little scary, Bard has a 3.98 ERA this year, which is good for a pitcher who pitches most of his games at Coors Field.

Bard has also gained valuable experience as a closer this year, so the Reds should be able to trust him late in games, which is something they desperately need.


Taylor Rogers

Minnesota’s fire sale has already started and Rogers could be the next to go. Outside of Sean Doolittle, the Cincinnati bullpen is a little light on lefties, making Taylor Rogers an ideal fit. He’s been one of the most reliable and steady relievers in baseball for the last half-dozen years, making him exactly who the Reds need in their bullpen.

Andrew Chafin

The Reds have seen Andrew Chafin up close with the Cubs a few times this year, so they know exactly what they’d be getting if they can swing a deal with their division rivals.

While he’s had some ups and downs in his career, Chafin has been dealing this year, producing a 1.37 ERA while amassing 17 holds for the Cubs. Like Rogers, he would add a much-needed lefty to the Cincinnati bullpen, not to mention a guy who can help the Reds hold onto leads late in games.

Trevor Story

The market for Trevor Story isn’t that clear, so the Reds may be able to jump in there and pull off a deal with the Rockies. Kyle Farmer is not an ideal shortstop defensively, especially since he has an OPS of .666 this season.

Granted, Story is having a down year by his standards. But he would help the Reds defensively and could probably do some serious damage at Great American Ball Park, improving an already potent Cincinnati lineup.

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