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Five free agents the Seahawks should target after shock Wilson trade

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The Seahawks free agency 2022 seems like a familiar story. Once again, they’re slated to watch most of their offensive linemen leave as free agent. This time, however, it may not be a bad thing for them to let them just walk away.

Seahawks free agency 2022

Most of the offseason predictions had the Seahawks trading away Russell Wilson. That’s exactly what came to fruition on Tuesday, with Seattle sending Wilson to Denver for a picks-based package.

While their defense was far from those Legion of Boom years, the Seahawks’ biggest needs come in the offensive line. They need to bring in a couple of tackles and a center, at the very least. Here, we’ll show you the best players they should pursue in the offseason.

5. Akiem Hicks

Akiem Hicks may no longer be the defensive standout he was five years ago but he’s still got plenty left in the tank. The Chicago Bears may not be able or willing to bring him back under their new management and he’ll gauge some interest in the free agent market.

The Seahawks desperately crave someone who can help them limit the run and the big plays. Hicks is a tailor-made fit for that matter. Moreover, he may be a way cheaper option at this point in his career than some of the other names they could be tempted to look at.


4. Ryan Jensen

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to stop the bleeding and find someone to fill in Tom Brady‘s shoes, if that’s even possible. That may prevent them from re-signing some of their top-notch free agents, including star center Ryan Jensen.

Jensen has got it all. He’s experienced, strong, and one of the best blockers in the league. Moreover, he offers a durability and reliability not many veteran centers can offer at this point. Also, he’s not getting any younger so the Seahawks may be able to snatch him at a discount.

3. Chandler Jones

Among all of the Seahawks free agent targets, perhaps no one is as good as Chandler Jones. He’s the best pass rusher in this year’s free agent market and one of the best available free agents overall. As such, he’s expected to pursue a big payday.

Fortunately for them, the Seahawks have enough money to afford him. Signing him would be a step in the right direction if they’re real about their desire to stay competitive and avoid a rebuild. Also, luring him away from a divisional rival would be a huge plus.

2. Terron Armstead

Once again, if the Seahawks are real about competing, then they might just prove it by signing the best left tackle available right now. Terron Armstead did an outstanding job of protecting Drew Brees‘ blind side and he’ll now look for another big payday in the offseason.


The New Orlean Saints are expected to be bottom-feeders following Sean Payton‘s retirement. The Kansas City Chiefs were reportedly interested in his services but they’re now settled with Orlando Brown. The Seahawks will need to spend big, but he’ll definitely be worth every penny.

1. Matt Pryor

Matt Pryor is perhaps the most realistic and balanced option among all of the Seahawks free agent targets. While not flashy or especially explosive, he provides steady production and versatility at the tackle position, being able to play both at the left or right side of the field.

Pryor is coming off an outstanding season with the Indianapolis Colts, making starts at bosh sides of the line and thriving at each. Moreover, he’s just 27 years old and could fly under the radar with other team pursuing bigger names in the free agent market.

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