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The Marlins Must Trade These Five Players Before the Deadline

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Despite making the playoffs last year, the Miami Marlins’ trade deadline in 2024 will be spent being sellers. There is a compelling argument that Miami is the worst team in the National League this season.

Therefore, just like there is a White Sox rebuild happening, the Marlins will be better off trading away veterans and valuable trade chips and building toward a better future.

Five Players for Marlins to Trade at Deadline

Who are the Marlins trade candidates? Miami actually has an interesting mix of pitchers and hitters who could be assets for a playoff contender.

The Marlins also have some players they would surely like to part ways with if they can find a trade partner. Let’s look closer at the Marlins trade deadline in 2024 and some of the players who could be traded this summer.

Jazz Chisholm

Since his all-star season in 2022, Jazz Chisholm has failed to blossom into a bonafide superstar the way the Marlins thought he would. In many ways, he’s regressed while the experiment of moving him to center field has had mixed reviews. That being said, Chisholm is young enough and talented enough to arouse some interest on the trade market.


After all, he’s on pace to set career-highs in both home runs and stolen bases this year even if his OPS is more than 100 points lower than two years ago.

Chisholm is also capable of playing multiple positions, which can’t hurt his value. After 2024, he’s still under team control for two more years and isn’t making that much in salary arbitration, which is an incentive for a team to trade for him. While Chisholm could still be a part of Miami’s turnaround, the Marlins could also field offers and stay open-minded about trading him.

Jesus Luzardo

Much like Chisholm, Jesus Luzardo is under team control through the 2026 season, so there is no pressure to trade him. His overall numbers this season don’t exactly look that enticing for a team in the playoff hunt. On the other hand, Luzardo is a lefty who pitched to a 1.75 ERA in May, so there is still hope for him.

A team in the playoff race could look at him as rotation depth in the near future and a pitcher with some upside for the future. Obviously, that would raise Miami’s asking price for him. But if the Marlins can get back multiple prospects for him, it might be the best move in the long run. 

Josh Bell

Josh Bell might be Miami’s most obvious trade chip this summer. While he’s not having his best season, Bell is just two years removed from being a Silver Slugger winner. If nothing else, he can be part of a platoon situation at first base or the DH spot, as the switch-hitter is much better from the left side of the plate and can add the threat of power to any lineup. Bell is also making $16.5 million this year.


While the Marlins aren’t in danger as far as the MLB luxury tax is concerned, they would love to get most or all of that salary off their books during a lost season.

Tanner Scott

He may not be a hot commodity, but as a free agent at the end of the season, Tanner Scott will surely be traded this summer. The lefty has been a bright spot in Miami’s bullpen, pitching to a 1.40 ERA over his first 25 appearances.

Since he’s just a rental, he won’t warrant a huge return for Miami on the trade market. But given the number of teams that will want to add a lefty arm to the bullpen before the trade deadline, the Marlins should get something decent for him.

Burch Smith

Oddly enough, Burch Smith isn’t a free agent until after the 2025 season, so the Marlins could hold onto him. However, he’s a 34-year-old reliever who’s having a good year and isn’t making much money. Miami would be wise to strike while the iron is hot and trade him this summer.

The Marlins didn’t give up much to acquire the journeyman from Tampa back in January. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to flip him for a small profit.

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