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The Mets Must Trade Pete Alonso This Summer — Analyzing Potential Trade Packages Before the Deadline

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Whether Mets fans like it or not, there are already Pete Alonso trade ideas floating around. Of course, it’s not a given that he’ll be traded. The Mets aren’t bonafide sellers just yet the same way there are White Sox trade candidates being lined up.

But with each passing day, the Mets trade rumors are ramping up, as are the chances of Alonso being traded.

Should the Mets Trade Pete Alonso?

Whether the Mets trade Alonso or not might be the biggest question in baseball this summer.

In all likelihood, the answer to that question will be yes.

Let’s look at why that is the best move for the Mets and what an Alonso trade package could look like if he’s dealt before the trade deadline.


Why the Mets Need to Trade Alonso

The obvious reason to trade Alonso is because the Mets are miles from contention. Of course, with the expanded MLB playoffs, the Mets aren’t entirely out of contention at the moment. But the team’s dreadful play during the month of May has put them in a hole. Even if they’re able to dig out of that hole, they will still find themselves in a crowded playoff race without much of a chance to make noise if they somehow make the playoffs.

Pete Alonso’s contract situation is the other reason the Mets need to trade him. While Alonso is likely to fall a little short of one of the biggest MLB contracts of all time, he’s projected to earn a contract of at least $200 million on the free-agent market this winter.

With Scott Boras as his agent, Alonso will likely sign with the highest bidder, regardless of how much he’d like to stay in New York. It’s not a guarantee that the Mets will be able to re-sign him, so it’ll be better to trade him now and get something back for him rather than lose Alonso and get nothing in return. 

The Only Thing That Can Save Him

At this point, the only reason not to trade Alonso would be if they could somehow sign him to an extension before the deadline. That seems highly unlikely with Boras as his agent, especially since Alonso already rejected an offer reportedly worth $158 million over seven years.

Unless the Mets give him an offer Alonso can’t refuse, barring a 15-game winning streak that changes the narrative of New York’s season, there is no scenario in which trading Alonso isn’t the best move for the Mets.


Pete Alonso Trade Packages

The silver lining for the Mets is they will have plenty of suitors, leading to a high volume of Pete Alonso trade ideas to consider. Despite an extended slump earlier this season that has caused a significant drop in his overall numbers, Alonso is likely the best power hitter that will be traded before the deadline. That should lead to the Mets being able to acquire at least one high-quality prospect in a trade involving Alonso, possibly a package of prospects.

Believe it or not, the Yankees are one team that could have an interest in Alonso, who would be an upgrade over Anthony Rizzo. Some combination of pitchers Brock Selvidge and Chase Hampton, outfielder Everson Pereira, and slugger Ben Rice could also be viable trade chips going to the Mets. Keep in mind the Mets also have starting pitchers and relievers who could also be dealt as part of a bigger trade, potentially leading to a great return.

The Mariners are another team to watch since they’ve made trades with the Mets in the past. Seattle needs a first baseman and is in a great position to make a serious playoff push this season. First-base prospect Tyler Locklear, who was recently promoted due to Seattle’s need at that position, would be a good starting point.

The Mariners also have prospects like outfielder Lazaro Montes and Colt Emerson who aren’t particularly close to the big leagues but have big upside, helping the Mets to boost their farm system.

On top of the Yankees and Mariners, the Brewers and Twins are also contending teams that have received subpar production from their first basemen this season. Both are also candidates to make a push for Alonso this summer. Milwaukee’s farm system, in particular, has a handful of top-100 prospects that could allow them to put together a package for Alonso that would force the Mets to part with one of their biggest stars.

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