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What’s the post-Eli Manning future for the New York Giants?

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If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week, you would have heard that Eli Manning recently retired after a 16-year long career at the New York Giants.

The quarterback from New Orleans announced his retirement on January 24th and will be remembered as one of the league’s most prolific quarterbacks, with it expected he will be heading to the Hall of Fame.

The Giants now have Daniel Jones and Alex Tanney as their quarterbacks, but they should be looking in the free agency market if they want to be battling with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East championship. There are some quality quarterbacks going into free agency this year that would fit perfectly in this New York side. It’s whether the Giants want to use their cap space on a new QB or to build and strengthen their Oofensive line around Daniel Jones.

If New York decide to use their cap space to replace Manning, here’s a few contenders that would turn it up for Jason Garrett in the pocket.

Stick with Daniel Jones

Simply enough for the Giants, they could just keep hold of Daniel Jones as their starting quarterback. It would work out well for the Giants as he is still on his rookie contract so money wouldn’t be a problem, and they could use their cap space in the free agency period to bolster their receivers and build a team around the young Danny Dimes. This would be a fan favourite move as New York fans see Jones as the next franchise quarterback.


This would not be a bad choice for the Giants as in his rookie year, Jones had a total of 3,027 yards with 24 touchdowns. If he is to be the starting quarterback next season, he’s got very big shoes to fill and will have to step up to the plate if he wants to stay in that number one spot.

Teddy Bridgewater

Now let’s move on to the free agents that could provide a competitive atmosphere at the Giants.

Teddy Bridgewater from the New Orleans Saints is my number one. Whether or not Teddy would be a starter or a backup, he will definitely bring a competitive feeling to the dressing room, like McCown does for the Eagles.

Bridgewater knows how to win and proved that this season when Drew Brees was injured. There’s no doubt this guy has talent and would be a perfect fit for Jason Garrett and the Giants. In his sixth NFL season, Bridgewater has accumulated 1,384 yards and 9 touchdowns. Bridgewater came in and showed his worth when New Orleans lost Brees. If the Saints don’t re-sign this guy – they should! – then this would be a steal for New York and would give Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott a run for their money for the NFC East best QB prize.

Ryan Tannehill

Tennessee Titans’ talisman Ryan Tannehill is next on the list and whilst he may not have had the impact as Bridgewater has had, he led his team to a conference game against the Chiefs and has enough experience in his 8th season to be able to do this again.


The Giants need someone with offseason experience; they haven’t been there for a while. The likelihood of Tannehill being drawn away from the Titans is very slim, but who wouldn’t want a nice move to NYC to start a new life and be able to say I replaced Eli Manning after 16 years? This would be a difficult pick for New York and it would give Jones and Tanney massive competition to improve their game, which would be a game changer for the Giants.

Tom Brady

Before I offend anybody, I’d like to apologise to all Patriot and NFL fans for mentioning Tom Brady and even thinking of him putting on a other jersey. But, I cannot not mention Brady when he’s a free agent and a team is looking for a new quarterback potentially.

Yes, it is odd thinking about Brady in a New York Giants jersey, believe me. But this switch would not be too bad for either parties, Brady will fit right in, band the Giants would have acquired the best quarterback in most of our lives.

Brady respected Eli Manning so the respect for the team would be there as well. He would come into the team and instantly lift the mood of the other players, Jones and Tanney would have another legend to look up to and improve their game and of course their offseason chances will increase with the addition of a future HOFer. So as outrageous as this feels it would make sense – if Brady is willing to jump ship. 

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