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Why the Cardinals Should Trade Paul Goldschmidt Before the 2024 Trade Deadline

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Among the players clearly on the trade block this summer, Paul Goldschmidt of the Cardinals isn’t one that you’re likely to hear in the rumor mill. But should St. Louis consider trading their first baseman less than two years after he won MVP honors? It’s not the most conventional idea, but it could be one worth exploring.

The Reasons to Trade Paul Goldschmidt

Would a Paul Goldschmidt trade make sense? Even if the safe approach is holding onto someone who has a strong argument for being among the greatest first basemen in MLB history, there are reasons to at least consider trading him this summer.

Let’s look at some of the arguments in favor of a Paul Goldschmidt trade this summer.

Free Agency is Near

Naturally, Goldschmidt’s contract needs to be given consideration. He’s currently in the final year of the five-year extension he signed after being traded to St. Louis prior to the 2019 season. As someone who will be 37 at the end of the season, Goldschmidt isn’t a strong candidate to sign an extension and return to the Cardinals in 2025.

While that option isn’t entirely off the table, if the Cardinals can get something in return for Goldschmidt rather than having him leave for nothing this winter, that option is worth exploring.


He Has Trade Value

There is no sugar-coating the fact that this hasn’t been Goldschmidt’s best season. He’s on pace to have the worst batting average and OPS of his career, looking like a shadow of the MVP he was two seasons ago. But that doesn’t mean his value on the trade market is gone.

Goldschmidt is still on pace to hit over 20 home runs and he’s still a top-notch defensive first baseman. It’s not as if the trade market is overflowing with first basemen, especially if the Mets are convinced to hold onto Pete Alonso. If Alonso stays in New York, Goldschmidt could be the best first baseman on the trade market this summer, giving him good value.

Crowded Wild Card Race

The Cardinals’ trade deadline options are going to be somewhat complicated this summer with regard to Goldschmidt and any other player. They are technically within striking distance of the first-place Brewers but have plenty of ground to make up. At the same time, St. Louis is in the midst of a crowded Wild Card race with no guarantee they’ll survive such a tight race and reach the postseason.

Keep in mind, the Cards have a negative run differential and an expected win-loss record well below .500. That doesn’t bode well for St. Louis having a strong second half and making the playoffs with or without Goldschmidt.

Time to Turn the Page

Following a 71-91 campaign in 2023 and being caught in the middle of this year’s Wild Card cluster, the Cardinals are a somewhat aimless organization at the moment. They clearly aren’t the pre-eminent team in the NL Central anymore nor are they rich in young talent.


The St. Louis farm system is ranked among the bottom third in baseball, even after acquiring some quality pieces at last year’s deadline. Rather than hold out hope for a Wild Card spot, it might be best to start turning the page from some of the team’s veteran players like Goldschmidt sooner rather than later, using them as trade bait to help rebuild the farm system faster.

There Will be Suitors

Perhaps the best reason to consider trading Goldschmidt is because there will be suitors on the trade market. Several teams, most notably serious contenders like the Yankees and Mariners, could consider upgrading their situation at first base before the trade deadline.

Likewise, some teams would welcome a veteran player with Goldschmidt’s experience and clubhouse presence. Those factors should add to the number of teams with interest in trading for Goldschmidt, helping to ensure that the Cardinals will be able to get good value for him if they choose to trade him.

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