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Eight players the Yankees should pursue before the 2023 trade deadline to fix their roster

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In the middle of a tight playoff race, the Yankees’ trade deadline targets in 2023 could end up playing a big role in the team’s postseason fortunes.

More than a month before the trade deadline, Yankees trade rumors are already running rampant, largely because the Bronx Bombers have a few obvious needs. Fortunately for the Yankees, they’ve made some of the best baseball trades ever made at the trade deadline and may need to do the same in 2023.

Best Yankees trade deadline targets 2023

But who are going to be the Yankees’ trade deadline targets in 2023? If they hope to make a serious World Series push, the Yankees might need to pursue some of the best players available on the trade market. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Yankees trade rumors and the team’s needs to predict the Yankees’ trade deadline targets in 2023.

Victor Robles

Given some of the injuries the Yankees have experienced in their outfield this year, Victor Robles could be a cost-effective option worth considering. He’s young, athletic, and was having one of his best offensive seasons before going on the IL in May.

Robles is a quality defensive center fielder and could help the Yankees in that area, even if Harrison Bader has to shift to left field. Of course, the Nationals hold a relatively inexpensive club option on him for 2024, so they may not be eager to part with Robles. But as a young outfielder who may not be at his peak and gives the Yankees added depth and flexibility in their outfield, Robles is an intriguing target for the Yankees.


Wil Myers

Whether the Reds are in contention this summer or not, Wil Myers could be on the trade block. He hasn’t played that much this season because of injury, but even when he’s healthy, the Reds won’t have much use for him.

Granted, he’s not the most obvious trade candidate either because Myers hasn’t had a good season offensively. But he can platoon with Anthony Rizzo at first base when needed and can also spend time in the outfield, so the Yankees would be getting a versatile player. Myers also wouldn’t cost much to acquire, making him the type of veteran who might be worth taking a flyer on at the deadline.

Jack Flaherty

If the Cardinals end up being sellers this summer, Jack Flaherty could be on the move before he becomes a free agent after the season.

He’s been limited by injuries in recent years but has managed to stay healthy this season despite not pitching as well as he did earlier in his career. However, Flaherty is still good enough to qualify as a back-end starter on a contending team. Given some of the injuries the Yankees have dealt with in their rotation this year, Flaherty certainly fits what they need.

He’d be a rental player who can be acquired at a modest price and has a little postseason experience. In other words, he checks a lot of the boxes the Yankees might want.


Randal Grichuk

It’s a safe bet that Randal Grichuk is going to be available this summer, so it wouldn’t be hard for the Yankees to work out a trade with the Rockies. He’s putting together a great season, even if some of his numbers might be a little inflated from playing at Coors Field.

Most of New York’s reserve outfielders are left-handed hitters, so Grichuk would help provide some balance. If nothing else, he’s a player who could platoon and strengthen the Yankees’ bench during the second half of the season.

Joc Pederson

If the Giants remain in contention, Joc Pederson may not be on the trade block. But if San Francisco slips up before the trade deadline, a lot of teams will be asking about him.

Pederson was an all-star just last season and has been on the team that won the World Series twice in the last three years, so he comes with playoff experience and a winning pedigree. He also comes with a lot of power and could do great things at Yankee Stadium as a left-handed batter. While Pederson might have to play the outfield more frequently with the Yankees than he has with the Giants this year, he would help balance things out for the Yankees once they get Aaron Judge and Harrison Bader healthy.

Lucas Giolito

Among starting pitchers who might be traded this summer, Lucas Giolito makes a lot of sense for the Yankees. If nothing else, he can fill a void in the back end of their rotation.

But Giolito also has the ceiling of a high-end starter. He’s even someone the Yankees could pursue as a free agent this winter. Plus, after Giolito tossed six scoreless innings against the Bronx Bombers in early June, they are surely impressed with what he brings to the table.

Aroldis Chapman

Wouldn’t it be funny to see the Yankees trade for Aroldis Chapman?

Like most contending teams, the Yankees will be looking for bullpen help at the deadline. With the season that Chapman is having in Kansas City, he could make a serious impact, especially during the postseason, which is why the Yankees would consider a reunion.

Shohei Ohtani

If and when the Angels fall out of contention, every contending team will be asking about Shohei Ohtani, and the Yankees are no different.

Depending on the health of their rotation, they might need Octane’s pitching more than his hitting. Obviously, they wouldn’t say no to him being their DH, even if it means moving Giancarlo Stanton to the outfield. Of course, the Yankees will make their pitch to Ohtani this winter, so trading for him over the summer won’t hurt.

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