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Cincinnati Reds

Postseason baseball is going to return to Cincinnati in 2020

The Cincinnati Reds failed to reach the MLB postseason yet again but there were some very encouraging signs in their 2019 performance, which is hard to find in many other 75-87 teams. The Reds achieved an 11-win year-to-year improvement behind a solid first year for manager David Bell and behind a historic season to their starting rotation, which had the fifth-best ERA in the NL.
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Denver Broncos

Four teams who should consider trading up in the NFL draft

One of the most exciting, and unpredictable, elements of the NFL draft is when a franchise comes out of nowhere with a trade of draft picks in order to move up and grab a player they see as a game changer for their organisation. At the same time, other franchises see this as an opportunity to collect extra tickets in the draft lottery by moving down.