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Powerhouse Milwaukee Bucks clinch playoff berth in record time

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Just shy of two months until the playoffs begin and the Milwaukee Bucks have already earned themselves a spot.

The Washington Wizards lost to the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, meaning the Bucks clinched a playoff berth. The earliest to do so of any team in NBA history, beating a record set by the all-conquering Golden State Warriors.

Led by reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks are on course for a 70 win season. If they achieve this, they would become only the third team in history to do so.

Tonight, they will be looking to continue asserting their dominance over the Eastern Conference, on the road against the reigning champion Toronto Raptors. The two have already met this season back in November, with the Bucks taking the win on their home court.

What does this all mean going forward? It doesn’t seem that the Bucks are looking to slow down. They’ll want to build as much momentum as possible for their playoff run, which they believe can end with a championship.


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