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Los Angeles Chargers

How the Chargers can fix their troubled relationship with Los Angeles

It’s been three years since the Chargers ditched San Diego for the bright lights of Los Angeles. Poor home support in the smallest stadium in the NFL mixed with a failure to achieve their post-season potential has led to the Chargers still not being able to make friends with the locals. A few months short of moving into the brand new SoFi Stadium with the Rams, I look at the issues they have faced.
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Are these the top five wide receivers in the NFL?

Size, speed, agility and explosiveness, all necessary traits of an elite wide receiver. If he possesses these, he is destined to be one of the best. He can be a quarterback's best friend or his worst enemy. A great catch for big yards or a touchdown, he is a hero, he misses that catch, it could mean a lost game or even more.
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New York Jets

Frank Gore is the NFL’s overlooked ageless wonder

As Frank Gore enters his 16th NFL season, he continues to chug along as one of the most reliable veterans on the roster. A Super Bowl appearance, countless individual records and tons of respect have been accumulated throughout his illustrious career as we take a look at the oldest active running back in the NFL.