Baltimore Ravens

Five things we learned from the Divisional Round

Many call the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs the best weekend in sport, and rightly so. The fat theoretically will have been trimmed away in the Wildcard round allowing for four quality football games to be played.

This year saw the “YOU LIKE THAT” Minnesota Vikings hit their ceiling and crash out against the strong San Francisco 49ers, the Derrick Henry led Tennessee Titans charge through the unsuspecting Ravens like a cavalry through a wheat field, Bill O’Brien ‘Bill O’Brien-ed’ a 24-0 lead against the superpowered Kansas City Chiefs and the broken down Seattle Seahawks could not muster enough fire to escape frozen Tundra of Green Bay.… Read more


Niners triumph over Seahawks: Game of Inches

Al Pacino's famous speech in the hit football movie 'Any Given Sunday' is just about as cheesy and pulpy as you can get when it comes to football-inspired speeches. Pacino's character, coach Tony D'Amanto delivers, 'life’s this game of inches. So is football. Because in either game, life or football, the margin for error is so small -- I mean one-half a step too late, or too early, and you don’t quite make it. One-half second too slow, too fast, you don’t quite catch it.'
Jimmy Garoppolo
New Orleans Saints

Niners Saints shootout provides game of the year

Entering Week Fourteen, the NFC remained in the balance. The premier conference in the NFL has proven to be a blood bath this year as the 10-2 San Francisco 49ers and the 10-2 New Orleans Saints met in the Superdome in a matchup that was sure to deliver - and deliver it did. Jimmy Garoppolo and co. clutched victory from the jaws of defeat with Robbie Gould's game-winning 30-yard field goal.
Minnesota Vikings

Film Study: Kirk Cousins is elite

The narrative that Kirk Cousins is not a very good quarterback is one that needs to stop. After last season's somewhat disappointing campaign for the Minnesota Vikings, which saw Cousins throw for 4298 yards, 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, the 'talking-heads' and media personalities sentenced Cousins to a career of mediocrity and 'choking'.