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Six best trade destinations for Miguel Andujar in 2022

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While he’s largely been forgotten by his own team, the Miguel Andujar trade rumors in 2022 have started to ramp up.

With so many Yankees rumors swirling, Andujar could end up being a useful chip for the Yankees to use. After all, we’re talking about a 27-year-old slugger who posted a .855 OPS while playing nearly every day in 2018. With two more years after this season before free agency, Andujar holds plenty of value.

Miguel Andujar trade rumors 2022

But where do the Miguel Andujar trade rumors in 2022 indicate he’ll end up?

There are plenty of Andujar trade ideas out there, but not much certainty. The Yankees could trade him to a rebuilding team or deal him to a competitor that thinks Andujar can help them win this year. With the rumor mill heating up, let’s look at some of the most likely trade destinations if Andujar is moved before the trade deadline.


Washington is involved in the Miguel Andujar trade rumors in 2022 largely because the Yankees are connected to Juan Soto. Trading a hitter like Andujar who has a track record in the majors could be an important bargaining chip for the Yankees in acquiring Soto.


Depending on how the Nats feel about Andujar, they could view him as a hitter who can help expedite their post-Soto rebuild, which could help create a fit between the Yankees and Nationals involving Soto.


Despite being eight games under .500 at the all-star break, the Rangers could view themselves as Wild Card contenders, so they could be looking to add a hitter like Andujar. Plus, after all of the money Texas spent last winter, the Rangers are going to tear it down and start over.

With Andujar being under team control beyond this year, he makes sense as a long-term investment for the Rangers. Texas wasn’t getting much out of its left fielders even before Brad Miller went on the IL. With the DH spot also a viable spot for Andujar, the Rangers are a great fit for the disgruntled Yankee.


Despite a troubling season, the Tigers are surely hoping to start competing sooner rather than later. With Andujar under team control for two more seasons, he could be an appealing option for Detroit.

While he could play the field a little, Andujar would also start to take over the DH spot for Miguel Cabrera. Keep in mind that the Tigers have a few desirable relievers on the trade block, so it’s not hard to see a fit between them and the Yankees in trade talks.



The Reds are surely rebuilding, but with several pieces who could help the Yankees this season, Andujar is someone they might like.

When everyone is healthy, the Cincinnati outfield can get a little crowded. But if he joined the Reds, Andujar would immediately become one of the team’s best power hitters, so he’s someone who could help them turn things around over the next year or two.


Miami is very much in contention for a playoff spot. The caveat is the Marlins need to show some improvement offensively after offseason acquisitions of Jorge Soler and Avisail Garcia haven’t paid off.

Granted, that might make them a little more hesitant to trade for Andujar, who hasn’t produced consistently in the majors in a few seasons. However, a hitter with Andujar’s power and upside will surely be intriguing for the Marlins, giving Miami’s lineup a little more punch. The question is what the Marlins would be willing to give up that would interest the Yankees.


The Brewers are another team that’s desperate to add offense any way they can, which means Andujar has to be on their radar. Andrew McCutchen’s production in the DH spot has been a little underwhelming, so Milwaukee could consider putting Andujar into that spot.

Of course, Andujar’s defensive shortcomings could also give the Brewers some pause. But if they think Andujar can provide some assistance offensively, it might be worth the risk.

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