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Which teams have the best wide receiver corps in the NFL this season?

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When we talk about the best NFL offenses, it’s impossible not to weigh in multiple aspects of the game. The NFL is a passer’s league now more than ever, and not many teams have the offensive balance you’d like to see.

Running-backs are more expendable as the years go by. Teams don’t rely on run-heavy offenses as much as they used to, favoring a faster pace and the constant threat of a big play. Obviously, that also has plenty to do with how much the rules have changed to favor quarterbacks and protect receivers.

On that note, teams focus on building the best receiving corps they could put together. And when we think about the best WR corps in 2021, you could make a strong case for several teams.

Wide Receiver corps rankings 2021: The best NFL offenses

With quarterbacks like Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes who have a bazooka where their arms should be, young fans want to see 70-yard plays now more than ever. It’s all about speed, explosiveness, and blowing by your coverage.

That’s why today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the wide receivers corps rankings for the 2021 NFL season, picking apart the top 5 best NFL offenses, at least when it comes to the passing game.


5. Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings boast one of the best NFL offenses in 2021. Not only do they have a stud like Dalvin Cook breaking tackles out of the backfield, but also two of the best wide receivers in the game in Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen.

Jefferson made a smooth transition from the slot to the outside and made Vikings fans forget about Stefon Diggs right away. Thielen’s big and strong frame often gives him an edge over his defenders, not to mention his reliable hands.

Once again, the only question about this offense is the guy under center, as Kirk Cousins often struggles versus winning teams.

4. Titans

The Tennessee Titans clearly rely on Derrick Henry to do most of the damage, and for very good reasons. Henry is a bulldozer in the open field and he can stiff-arm the best DBs on Earth into oblivion. But more than that, having A.J. Brown also gave Ryan Tannehill plenty of room to operate and balance the offense.

Brown broke out as one of the league’s most explosive playmakers. Now, the Titans have one of the best WR corps in 2021, as they added future Hall of Famer Julio Jones to that mix. Having Jones opposite Brown seems like something out of a video game.

3. Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best NFL offenses of all time. Patrick Mahomes is the league’s finest entertainer and it seems like he can do something amazing every time he’s in the backfield. And, even though they don’t exactly have a strong running game, it’s not like they need one with their current personnel.


Besides having the league’s best tight end in Travis Kelce, the Chiefs also boast one of the best WR corps in 2021. Tyreek Hill is the fastest player in the league -and it’s not even close- and Mecole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson look ready for a breakout year.

2. Cowboys

It’s been a while since the Dallas Cowboys were a legit contender, and their biggest issue will once again be their defense. Nonetheless, this team will be able to put up a lot of points and yards week in and week out, even against the best defenses in the league.

The Cowboys will have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL if Dak Prescott is back to full strength. Besides Amari Cooper, they have a top-notch breakout candidate in CeeDee Lamb. If that wasn’t enough, Michael Gallup will be ready to do some damage at the slot. Cooper is a killer in single coverage and will have plenty of room to operate, as Lamb is a big-play threat and a master at creating separation, so defenses won’t leave him wide-open.

1. Buccaneers

And, unsurprisingly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sit at the top of the WR corps rankings entering this season. Tom Brady has a plethora of weapons at his disposal, and that’s terrible news for every single team trying to take down the reigning Super Bowl champions. At worst, the Bucs could be looking at another NFC Championship Game.

It’s hard to tell who’s the best player between Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Antonio Brown. Also, Scotty Miller broke out as one of Brady’s favorite targets and a reliable big-play threat. Brady is already familiar with Bruce Arians’ offense and vice-versa, and that’s a recipe for success.

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