Kenyan Drake
Arizona Cardinals

Previewing Kenyan Drake’s free agency: Which teams could show interest?

In recent years, running back additions in free agency have been mostly cosmetic. Most teams aren’t willing to spend big dollars on their backfield because either they have a dynamic bellcow, or are content to go with a committee at that position. It will be fascinating to see how the offseason treats free agent Kenyan Drake, and whether the Arizona Cardinals will be interested in retaining him.
Trent Williams Niners
New York Jets

Three perfect landing spots for Trent Williams in free agency

A lot headlines in free agency go to the skill position players who make highlight reel catches, no margin for error throws, or sharp cuts in the backfield. It’s fun to keep track of where impact fantasy football players wind up and how that will affect their fortunes, but those splashy sequences don’t happen without players like left tackle Trent Williams doing their job first.
Tom Brady Bucs
Kansas City Chiefs

Three key matchups to decide Super Bowl LV

Picking a winner in Super Bowl LV is tricky business because the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers match up so well. There's a reason their game in Week 12 was decided by only three points, with the Chiefs surviving a late rally and hanging on for a 27-24 win.