Five ideal landing spots for Stephon Gilmore in free agency

Stephon Gilmore
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Stephon Gilmore‘s free agency is officially underway. In a shocking turn of events, the New England Patriots decided to cut ties with the talented cornerback, leaving the door open for him to sign elsewhere.

Gilmore wasn’t expected to be a part of the team’s future going forward. Not because of his talent, impact, or even his recent injury, but because of the fact that the Patriots didn’t want to pay what he’s worth. Also, he knows that they’re not going to be a Super Bowl contender with a rookie quarterback under center.

With so many teams in desperate need of an improvement in the secondary, it’s clear that Gilmore is one of the best available NFL free agents right now. He boasts All-Pro and Defensive Player of the Year caliber and would improve any defense.

Stephon Gilmore free agency

So, now that the 31-year-old star will get plenty of attention from needy teams, who should he actually consider join him? Who could use his skill set the most? Let’s break it down:


The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most surprising teams in the young NFL season. They barely beat the reigning Super Bowl champions in Week 1 and their offense has been as good as expected. Nonetheless, it’s their defense that has surprised us the most.

As it usually happens with the best available NFL free agents, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are most definitely going to reach out to Gillmore’s camp. They have a winnable division and it’s been a while since they made the Super Bowl, so maybe it’s time to go all-in on another star.


Are the Buffalo Bills for real this time? It sure looks so, but even good things could be better. Josh Allen is playing like an MVP-caliber player and their offense has been lights out thus far. But, just like with the Cowboys, their defense has been fairly impressive.

Also, the Bills could offer Gilmore something that no other team on this list can: The chance to get back at the Patriots and beat them in their own division. His tenure in Buffalo didn’t end in the best way but maybe going back home would be the best for him now.


The Los Angeles Rams looked like the team to beat in the NFL before losing to the Arizona Cardinals. They have arguably the best defense in the league and an explosive offense, giving Stephon Gilmore a strong shot to win another ring.

The Rams already have the best cornerback in the league in Jalen Ramsey and a very nice player in Darious Williams, so it’s not like they need him. Then again, whenever you have a shot at the best available NFL free agents, you pull the trigger.


It’s not a secret that the Kansas City Chiefs have the best offense in the league. But on that same note, their defense has been mediocre, to say the least. They can’t get stops and their secondary has allowed big play after big play through the first 4 weeks of the season.

The Chiefs added Josh Gordon to their active squad to try and add another reliable pair of hands in the offense. Instead, they should focus on bringing in Gilmore to try and stop the bleeding. If they improve defensively, they’re the clear-cut favorite to win it all this season.


Once again, Tom Brady could have a star gift-wrapped for him. With the Patriots making Gilmore a free agent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could add yet another former New England Patriots star to their ranks in an attempt to win the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Brady has been pretty active when it come to recruiting players as of late. They need help in the secondary so he reached out to Richard Sherman, whose best years may be in the rearview mirror. So, it’s not far-fetched to think that he’ll do the same things he does with all the best available NFL free agents and recruit his former teammate as well.

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