Josh Allen throws against Miami Dolphin
Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is ready to take The Leap

Josh Allen is ready to take the leap. The Bills shoot-out victory over the Miami Dolphins last Sunday saw Allen throw for 417 yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions with a yards per attempt (Y/A) of 11.91 and a completion percentage (cmp%) of 68.57. Furthermore, Allen has become the first Bills quarterback to throw for 300+ yards in back to back games since Drew Bledsoe in 2002.
Buffalo Bills

How realistic are the Buffalo Bills’ playoff aspirations?

Entering week 4, few predicted a perfect 3-0 start for the Buffalo Bills, yet here we are. By the barest of margins, they escaped from New York to open the season with a win over the Jets. Josh Allen threw a pair of bad interceptions, as the Bills failed to register a single scoring play in the 1st half. A pivotal 4th quarter, in which they scored 14 game changing points, perhaps set the tone for the early stages of their season.