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Jeremy lives and breathes basketball. He's an avid NBA fan for almost a decade now.

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10 must-watch NFL documentaries

During the offseason, NFL fans are constantly looking for some American football action. Apart from watching highlights, fans can watch the best NFL documentaries to relive some of the most iconic moments in NFL history.

NFL Opening game 2023

10 must-read NFL books

Apart from watching games and listening to podcasts, diehard American football fans are looking to read the best NFL books out there to kill their time in the offseason.

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10 best defensive players in the NBA ahead of 2023-24

The best NBA defenders 2023-24 consists of former Defensive Player of the Year winners and finalists and All-NBA Defensive Team players. They have proven time and time again that they are the top dogs in the league who can make an impact and win games without scoring the basketball.

Klay Thompson

10 best shooters in NBA history

There’s a difference between being a great scorer and being a great shooter. LeBron James is one of the best scorers in the game, but he isn’t a great shooter. The best shooters in NBA history were efficient from the midrange, freethrow line, and beyond the arc while having enough volume.