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Identifying the best trade targets for the Bills at the deadline

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Even though they’re having an outstanding season, Buffalo Bills trade rumors 2021 continue to flood the internet as the National Football League’s trade deadline zooms in.

The Buffalo Bills started off the year with plenty of hopes and expectations. Some predicted that Josh Allen was going to take yet another step forward and be a legit MVP candidate and thus far, he’s delivered and silenced those who expected them to regress.

We already knew that the Bills featured an explosive offense that was capable of holding its own against the best in the league. Nonetheless, their defense has been one of the most pleasant surprises this season, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any room for improvement on that squad.

Bills trade rumors 2021

The Buffalo Bills currently sit at a 4-2 record and have had some impressive victories throughout the campaign. They let a lead slip against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game they should’ve won and then suffered a heart-breaking loss against the Tennessee Titans. But, in reality, they could actually be 6-0 right now.

Even great things can be better. The Bills feature the best defensive unit in the NFL right now and the highest-scoring defense as well. They have an All-Pro kind of receiver in Stefon Diggs and a legit MVP candidate under center as well.


As you can already tell, there aren’t many aspects of that squad that could be improved as we approach the trade deadline, and it’s not like they have a bunch of valuable assets to part ways with. But let’s take a deeper look at their roster, their needs, and the potential Bills trade deadline targets.

Will Hernandez

When we look at the Bills’ trade deadline targets, we have to address their offensive line, which is the only side of their roster that has been exposed every now and then. For that, they could target New York Giants’ Will Hernandez, who’s in the final year of his contract.

The Giants aren’t going to make the playoffs and could be sellers as we approach the trade deadline, and Hernandez’s value shouldn’t be that high. He’s a great blocker and could provide plenty of protection against the blitz, and they could even offer him a contract extension as he’s still pretty young.

Kyle Fuller

As we mentioned before, the Bills’ defense has been lights out this season but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t get a bit of an insurance policy. The Denver Broncos defense has vastly underperformed and Kyle Fuller has been one of the ones to blame for that, as he hasn’t played up to his former level.

Fuller’s trade value continues to drop by the day, yet he’s still talented enough to be an impactful player in the right situation. The Bills could get him for a 4th or 5th round pick to bolster a secondary defense that has been solid thus far. This would be the ultimate low-risk/high-reward kind of move that could end up being huge for them.

Miles Sanders

Unsurprisingly, most Bills trade news talks about Miles Sanders, and for very good reasons. The Bills’ inefficient running back duo of Devin Singletary and Zack Moss has been underwhelming and doesn’t give them the balance they need to be a legit Super Bowl candidate.


The Bills’ offense has been one-dimensional throughout the season and it’s clear that Philadelphia Eagles’ coach Nick Sirianni isn’t a fan of Sanders and wouldn’t mind trading him away at the right price.

Buffalo would then add an efficient and legit three-down running back with solid pass-catching skills to take their offense to a whole new level.

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