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Three best Joey Gallo trade destinations before 2021 MLB trade deadline

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With the countdown to the MLB trade deadline down to single digits, the rumor mill is working overtime. Specifically, there are plenty of Joey Gallo trade rumors going around with speculation that the Rangers could look to trade him to help advance their rebuilding efforts.

Gallo’s rumors are going hand-in-hand with Starling Marte trade rumors, among speculation about plenty of other impact players. 

Of course, as a power hitter who can play multiple positions, the number of potential Gallo trade destinations is almost endless. Any team with hopes of reaching the playoffs this season should be placing a call to the Rangers to find out what his price will be. In a way, the rampant Joey Gallo trade rumors are making it even more difficult to figure out where he’s going to land.

Joey Gallo trade rumors

The obvious caveat with the Gallo trade rumors is that the Rangers may not trade him. He’s under team control for one more season, which means he’s not just a rental player.

That increases both the potential Gallo trade destinations as well as the price to acquire him. But if the Rangers end up trading Gallo, here are some of the places he’s most likely to land.



The Yankees are going to need a lot of help if they’re going to make a push in the second half, and Gallo would be a huge step in the right direction.

He could play first base, third base, or the outfield, which are all positions where the Yankees currently have injuries. Even when fully healthy, the Yankees are an outfielder or two short of being a playoff team, so Gallo would be a perfect fit even if they get all of their players back from the IL. Plus, Gallo could do some serious damage with the short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees also have the money to sign Gallo to a long-term extension before he hits free agency, so trading for him would be a good long-term investment for them.


The Padres aren’t short on offensive firepower, but they’ll have to do something if they hope to overtake both the Dodgers and Giants in the NL West.

In fairness, most of San Diego’s power comes from the right side, so a left-handed power hitter like Gallo would provide some balance next to Fernando Tatis and Manny Machado. With Eric Hosmer and Wil Myers both having a somewhat disappointing season, Gallo would give the Padres a little extra oomph in the middle of their lineup. 



If there’s one team in the playoff race that’s desperate for offense, it’s Cleveland.

The Indians are barely hanging on, so it would take something drastic to get them back into the Wild Card race since they’re even further out in the AL Central. The fact that Gallo is under team control next season makes him a more viable target for the small-market Indians.

He could help give a lackluster Cleveland lineup an immediate boost while also being a focal point of their plans in 2022, which is why the Indians could line up a package for the Rangers that would be appealing.

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