AFC Standings

The AFC standings can be found below. This page will be constantly updated for AFC West, AFC North, AFC East, and AFC South standings throughout the season.

In the NFL’s new structure, each of the fourteen AFC teams has 17 games in the regular season. Each AFC team faces the other teams in their respective division twice (six games in total). Meanwhile, they will also face four other teams within their conference and four other teams at the NFC. The remaining three games are determined based on their previous year’s standings.

The four division winners from the AFC standings make the playoffs. Out of the remaining teams, three second-placed teams with the next best records proceed in the playoffs as wildcard teams.

All in all, seven teams will battle for the Lamar Hunt Trophy. The AFC champion proceeds to the Super Bowl facing the NFC champion.

AFC West Standings

Established in 1960, the AFC West is one of the most established divisions in the league. The teams have remained intact since inception with only one team experiencing a drastic change—the Dallas Texans became the Kansas City Chiefs.


Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos, and Oakland Raiders have been in the AFC West all throughout.

The Broncos, Raiders, and Chargers are tied with the most titles in the division with 15 titles each. When it comes to Super Bowl titles, Denver and Las Vegas are tied with three each.

AFC North Standings

Started in 1967, the AFC North was previously called NFL Century Division. It then became the AFC Central in 1970 after the AFL-NFL merger. After a long time, it was reformed to AFC North in 2002 when the league expanded to 32 teams and realigned divisions.

The AFC North consists of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Ravens. The former three were a major part of the previous AFC Central. Meanwhile, the Ravens only joined in 2002.

Pittsburgh is the most successful team in this division. They lead the AFC North with 24 division titles and six Super Bowl titles.


AFC East Standings

Formed in 1960, the AFC East originally consisted of the Buffalo Bills, Boston Patriots, New York Titans, and Houston Oilers. Shortly after, the Miami Dolphins joined in 1966 as an expansion team. The Oilers were replaced by the Baltimore Colts (now the Indianapolis Colts) until 2001 before moving to the AFC South.

Since 2002, the AFC East consists of only four teams: the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins.

New England leads AFC East with 22 titles and six Super Bowl titles. All the Patriots’ championships are under the tutelage of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady.

AFC South Standings

The AFC South is one of the NFL’s newest divisions. It was formed in 2002 when the NFL expanded to 32 teams and realigned divisions. The division consisted of Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans ever since its creation.

Indianapolis dominated this division in the 00s era with nine AFC South titles and one Super Bowl win in 2006. That being said, the AFC South owns the longest active Super Bowl title drought.

How to follow AFC games

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