Danilo Gallinari

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Three teams that should trade for Danilo Gallinari

Oklahoma City Thunder have been better than many expected. Danilo Gallinari has played a part in that, but he’s likely to be a major name on the trade rumour mill. Gallinari is on an expiring contract, and was one of a handful of Thunder players who were likely to be traded this season. Chris Paul, Dennis Schroeder and Steven Adams aren’t on expirings, and will probable stay in OKC. 

Franchise Sports

Ranked: Top 10 potential 2020 NBA free agents

NBA free agency in 2019 has been wild. A record number of All-NBA players switched teams through a combination of trades, sign-and-trade deals and free agent signings in the first days of July. Away from the biggest names, plenty of other significant moves were made with many NBA teams overhauling their rosters.