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Race to the World Series: Latest updates from both League Championship Series

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The long road to the World Series is nearly over. It was on April 1 that the 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) season began. The 2021 World Series begins on October 26 and if needed, the seventh and final game would be on November 3 but who will be the winners?

It was back in 1903 when the first World Series was held. That was won by the Boston Americans, and it could well be another side from that city that win the 2021 World Series. It may be called the World Series, but it’s been contested by American and Canadian teams.

The World Series pits the winner of the National League against the American League title. It’s the New York Yankees who have comfortably won more World Series than any other side. They have 27 wins but none since 2009 and lost in the Wild Card games to Boston Red Sox this year, so the wait for another title continues.

A World Series is composed of a maximum seven games. The first to win four wins the title and three of the last five World Series have gone right down to the final game. A one-off shoot-out for the World Series is the dream game in baseball.

Whichever team taking part in the World Series that had the better regular season record gets to play the first, second, sixth and seventh games at home. Of the four teams taking part in the League Championship series this year, the Dodgers had 106 wins, Houston 95, Boston 92 and Atlanta 88. Playing the first game at home is important but the prospect of having the last two on your home ground is even better.


Can the Dodgers win a second successive World Series?

The last side to achieve that feat were the New York Yankees who won the title in 2000. That was the third successive World Series victory for the Yankees. There is even talk of a recent curse on World Series winners but that’s more something suitable for Halloween than reality.

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The Dodgers are still in with a chance of making it to the World Series. After four games of the National League Championship Series, they are 3-1 down to the Atlanta Braves. Their opponents are attempting to get through to the World Series for the first time this century.

They have three World Series victories but the last was 26 years ago. The Braves won the NL East this season with an 88-73 regular season record and then defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in the Divisional Series.


Boston Red Sox have won the World Series on nine occasions, last being the champions three years ago. They are 3-2 down to the Houston Astros (who lost in the 2019 World Series) in the American League Championship Series, so plenty of excitement lies ahead.

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