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Five ideal landing spots for Adam Frazier before the trade deadline

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With the all-star break behind us, it’s only a matter of time until Adam Frazier trade talk starts to ramp up. The Adam Frazier trade rumors have been swirling for a while because the Pirates are clearly rebuilding and won’t be competitive for a few years.

On top of that, Frazier has performed like one of the best second basemen in 2021, making him one of the best players on the trade market.

Adam Frazier Trade Rumors

Naturally, the Adam Frazier trade rumors involve several teams. While he hasn’t hit for much power this year, he ranks third in the majors in average at the all-star break, which is even more impressive when you consider that offense and contact hitting are way down in the majors this year.

The team that trades for Frazier will be getting a great contact hitter, as well as a player who’s versatile defensively. He’s not just one of the best second basemen in 2021, Frazier also has experience playing the corner outfield spots.

On top of that, he’s under team control for next season too, so Frazier just won’t be a rental play. With the Frazier trade rumors reaching a fevered pitch soon, here are some of the teams that are the best fits for his services.



Given how much they’ve struggled offensively this year, the Mets could use a high-average hitter like Frazier.

Of course, part of those struggles is related to the team’s injuries, so they won’t be in a huge rush to make a bold move. That’s perhaps why the Frazier trade rumors haven’t specifically implicated the Mets that much. But he would be an asset to a team that has a clear path to the postseason.


Seattle GM Jerry Dipoto doesn’t want to mortgage his future for the present. But the fact that Frazier has another year before free agency makes him the perfect trade candidate for the Mariners.

Not only can he help them make a playoff push this season but an Adam Frazier trade would make the Mariners better in 2022 also. The Mariners have gotten almost nothing offensively from second baseman Dylan Moore this year, so adding Frazier could transform their lineup overnight. 



Injuries to Kolten Wong and Travis Shaw have created problems for the Milwaukee infield.

Frankly, the Brewers have struggled offensively for most of the season. Trading for Frazier could add a lot more consistency to the Milwaukee lineup. Plus, his defensive versatility will make it easier to find a spot for everyone when Wong and Shaw return from the IL.


The A’s have an average offensive team, but they’ll need to be better if they hope to overtake the Astros in the AL West.

They haven’t gotten a ton of production from their middle infield this year while Matt Chapman has disappointed at third base.

Oakland could even find some at-bats for Frazier in the outfield. He could move all over the field while providing a steady table-setter in the lineup every day.

White Sox

The White Sox have the most glaring need for a second baseman after Nick Madrigal suffered a season-ending injury.

That would make Frazier a perfect fit for Chicago. His versatility would also help him fit in next season when Madrigal comes back healthy. At the same time, the White Sox could also pursue a trade for a shortstop like Trevor Story and move him over to second base. However, Chicago will likely trade for an infielder at some point and Frazier would surely be a good fit.

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