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The Los Angeles Angels offseason plans 2022 may go in a different direction after many of their potential targets fell off of the free-agent market over the last couple of days. The Angels have the money to make moves, and the desire to do so to compete in the AL West, and while their rotation still needs work, they might pivot to an infielder to save their offseason from being a bust.

Angels offseason plans 2022

The Angels were in on Toronto Blue Jays Cy Young-winning pitcher Robbie Ray. They were in to the point a formal meeting was arranged and taken. Then Ray went and signed with another team.

Not just any other team, but the Angels division rivals the Seattle Mariners. When you also factor in that Marcus Stroman has reached a deal with the Chicago Cubs and that Kevin Gausman essentially went to Toronto to replace Ray, and you are then looking at a collection of pitchers available that don’t really move the needle.

The Angels took care of some business earlier this week when they kept the best reliever on the market in-house. Raisel Iglesias was inked to a four-year deal worth nearly $60 million, meaning that the Angels free agency targets don’t need to be in the bullpen. Iglesias gives the Angels a sub-3.00 ERA pitcher to rely on at the end of games, something every team in the big leagues is looking for.

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Alternative options

If the Angels don’t look to upgrade their starting pitching right away then watch for the Angels trade rumors 2021-22 to really pick up over the coming months. In terms of available free agents, however, there are a few still out there that would be splash moves for the Halos.

Kris Bryant is a name that has been mentioned for the Angels. The competition for Byrant will be intense as he is one of the best free agents left on the market and he has the ability to play multiple positions that makes him an even hotter commodity. The Angels will be challenged by the likes of the Mets, Padres, Phillies, and Rockies for Bryant’s signature, but he is a player that is being strongly considered in Los Angeles.

A quality hitter with defensive versatility, Bryant was an offensive monster from 2015-19. His 2020 season was poor, but 2021 was something of a bounceback year. That partial bounce-back will keep his value much lower than it would have been just two years ago, but the potential for an even bigger bounce-back for the 30-year-old over the next few seasons is why the Angels might make an offer.

The bigger move

If the Angels wanted to make an even bigger show of intent then they could go after the player that many think was the best free agent available this offseason. Carlos Correa‘s market has been diminishing as other star shortstops sign with potential suitors. Marcus Semien and Corey Seager are both now Texas Rangers for some reason, while Javier Baez will be playing in Detroit.


The massive contract Correa wants is likely still out there, but with every passing day, Correa becomes a more intriguing fit for the Angels as a potential part of the Angels offseason plans 2022.

Correa had a monster 2021 in his contract year. He is a solid offensive player, an outstanding defender, and he has had some big-time postseason moments.

Shortstop is a definite need for the Angels and given the lack of movement via free agency or trade to help the rotation other than the signing of Noah Syndergaard it feels like there is money to spend. The Angels seem to have missed the trick when it comes to pitching help, a problem given everyone else in the division has had a good offseason, so picking up Correa at the right value would be a bold move.

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