Author name: Jared Bowie

An ashamed Chicago Bulls fan from the UK. I say ashamed but really I mean disappointed yet hopeful and optimistic. I've been a huge fan of the NBA for nearly 5 years now, watching as many games as I can and consuming multiple articles and podcasts each day. I thought it's high time I contribute to the conversation a bit more and have recently started a podcast and now some written work. Always appreciate comments and feedback, and hopefully you enjoy some of the nonsense I spout!

Russell Westbrook Nuggets buzzer beater

Rollercoaster with Russ: The ups and downs of following Westbrook’s career

Devastating dunks, highlight passes and a competitive edge that even all-time greats like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have commented on. But there is an undeniable frustration that comes along with watching him play, especially when you root for him. But before that, let’s consider where Russell Westbrook was before he arrived in the NBA journey.