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When baseball meets cricket: Similarities between the sports

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An avid baseball player decides to meet a cricketer and see what’s similar between two biggest fan following sports. Baseball’s fan following is 500 million in America and Japan, along with that cricket also stands in the same line, consisting of 2.5 billion in Asia, UK and Australia.

So, the conversation started between these two hardcore fans and later few similarities started to added some flavor in the conversation.


In Baseball there are nine innings, each team bats in each inning, when three are out you change teams. When you’re out 27 times, the match is over unless it’s a draw. Just like cricket you get a player out in different ways such as caught, caught out, forced out, and tagged out.

Batting order

There are nine players in one team, each player gets a chance to bat. they return to the top of the order, and the first player comes to bat again. There’s no limit on the number of times you bat, you rewind the batting order until the game is over.


A baseball park, also known as a ballpark or diamond, is a venue where baseball is played. A baseball park or stadium consists of the playing field and the surrounding spectator seating. Some of the most famous baseball parks are Yankee Stadium, Municipal Stadium, Cleveland League Park and Griffith Stadium in the US.



The catcher in baseball is in position like a wicketkeeper standing behind a spin bowler. The difference is the pitcher is always a fast bowler, and he’s about 6 feet closer than a bowler in cricket. A typical pitcher throws between 88 and 100 miles per hour (as the ball leaves the hand).Only the fastest fast bowlers have ever hit 100 miles an hour. There’s no such spin bowler kind of thing in baseball.

At the end of conversation cricketer decided to find some interest in baseball and decided to join for a game over the weekend.

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