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10 best farm systems in baseball during the 2023 season

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Even in the midst of the MLB season, now is as good a time as any to look at the best MLB farm systems in 2023.

There is so much good that can come out of having a top-notch farm system. After all, even if a team isn’t having a good season, the future could be bright for the baseball teams with the best prospects. 

Best MLB farm systems 2023

Of course, the hope for teams is that having one of the best MLB farm systems in 2023 can lead to success in 2024 and beyond. But a strong farm system can even help this season. Top prospects can easily become one of the leading players under 25 in MLB or trade chips in one of the best trades in league history, helping a team in the short term.

With that said, let’s look at the baseball teams with the best prospects right now by counting down the 10 best MLB farm systems in 2023.

10. Cubs

If the Cubs are going to get back to the top of the NL Central, they’re surely going to need some reinforcements. Fortunately, they seem to have something special in Pete Crow-Armstrong, who was once among the best high school players in the country and has continued to shine in the minors.


The Cubs probably won’t have his services until 2014, but the upside is high with him. Chicago has another talented outfielder in Kevin Alcantara who is also a year or more away from the big leagues. But just because the Cubs aren’t getting immediate help from their farm system in 2023 doesn’t mean they aren’t stockpiling a lot of talent.

9. Nationals

Over the last few years, the Nationals have traded away the likes of Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, and Juan Soto. Those trades have helped to give Washington a young roster with players like Keibert Ruiz, CJ Abrams, and other players who were once top prospects.

But the cupboard is far from empty with more help on the way. The prized prospect in Washington’s system is outfielder James Woods, the no. 7 prospect in baseball.

Fellow outfielders Robert Hassell III and Elijah Green are also worth mentioning, even if both are still a year or more away from the minors, much like Woods. The Nats also have top-100 prospects in Cade Cavalli and Brady House. At the moment, most of Washington’s top prospects aren’t particularly close to the big leagues. But this is a system on the rise that could be the best in baseball in another year or two.

8. Diamondbacks

In terms of depth, Arizona’s farm system still leaves a little to be desired. But there’s no denying the Diamondbacks have high-end talent.


Shortstop Jordan Lawlar and outfielder Druw Jones are both among the top-10 prospects who are still in the minors. Neither will make an impact this season, but Arizona’s youngsters are already doing some damage in the majors and further help is on the way.

The D’Backs also have high hopes for Brandon Pfaadt, who has already made his MLB debut and remains one of the best pitching prospects in baseball.

7. Rangers

The rest of the AL West better look out because the Rangers have made a lot of progress in 2023 and are only going to get better. By this time next season, outfielder Evan Carter, the no. 9 prospect in the minors, could be in the big leagues, giving Texas a five-tool outfielder.

Meanwhile, the Rangers also have a lot of pitching help coming over the next couple of years. Owen White is a top 50 prospect who is inching closer to the big leagues. Also, Jack Leiter, the son of longtime big league Al Leiter, and Brock Porter are top-100 prospects in the pipeline who figure to reach the big leagues within the next couple of years.

6. Rays

If there’s one thing the Rays consistently do better than other teams it’s develop young players. Even after sending the likes of Wander Franco to the big leagues in recent years, Tampa’s farm system still has plenty in the tank.

Pitcher Taj Bradley is the no. 16 prospect and has already made his MLB debut. Top-50 prospect Curtis Mead and Kyle Manzardo, both infielders, are both all but ready to help the Rays this season if needed. There is even more depth deeper in the system with infielders Carson Williams and Junior Caminero. The pitching depth isn’t quite what it usually is at the moment, but Tampa’s farm system still ranks among the best in baseball.

5. Pirates

Pittsburgh’s farm system has been among the best in baseball for several years. It’s already given the Pirates Oneil Cruz, Ke’Bryan Hayes, and others, and it’s not done yet. Second baseman Termarr Johnson is the no. 20 overall prospect and may one day join Cruz and Hayes in Pittsburgh’s infield despite still being in A-ball.

The Pirates also have two other prospects among the top 50 with catcher Henry Davis and the versatile Endy Rodriguez. Both should be in the big leagues by the end of 2024, helping to add to the bright future in Pittsburgh. 

4. Reds

Without question, the highlight of Cincinnati’s farm system is Elly De La Cruz. He’s a 6’5’’ shortstop with incredible tools and impressive amounts of power. He’s also ready for the big leagues, which should help the rebuilding Reds.

In addition to De La Cruz, the Reds are almost overloaded with infielders. Cincinnati’s five best prospects are all infielders and all among the top 100 prospects in baseball, including Matt McLain, who is already in the big leagues. Edwin Arroyo and Noelvi Marte are also two names to watch closely in the years to come.

3. Guardians

Cleveland often has trouble hanging onto star players, but the Guardians also have a lot of young talent in the pipeline, including six of the top 60 prospects in baseball.

Not surprisingly, the system is rich with pitching talent. Tanner Bibee is already in the big leagues while no. 17 overall prospect Gavin Williams and no. 59 overall prospect Daniel Espino should be there by the end of the season. Also, don’t sleep on middle infielder Brayan Rocchio or catcher Bo Naylor, the younger brother of current Cleveland first baseman Josh Naylor.

2. Dodgers

In addition to spending the last decade dominating the NL West, the Dodgers also have one of the best MLB farm systems in 2023. In past years, they’ve used that farm system to pull off some major trades, yet the talent keeps coming.

Catcher Diego Cartaya is the top prospect while top-pitching prospect Bobby Miller is already in the big leagues. In fact, MLB lists seven prospects among the top 70 in the LA farm system with most of them already in triple-A or in the big leagues, which explains why the Dodgers didn’t do that much spending last offseason.

1. Orioles

The youth movement in Baltimore has already started in 2023 with the Orioles starting to look like a bonafide playoff contender. But the cavalry is still on its way, which is a scary thought.

The Orioles have eight of the top 100 prospects in baseball, including four in the top 50. Shortstop Jackson Holliday is the prized possession despite being a year or more away from the big leagues.

Outfielders Colton Cowser and Heston Kjerstad should also be making an impact sooner rather than later. The only flaw for the Orioles is that their system is heavy on position players but short on pitchers outside of DL Hall. Nevertheless, Baltimore has done a great job of acquiring young talent.

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