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Ranked: 15 best MLB jerseys for the 2022 season

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For the best MLB jerseys 2022 edition, there are plenty of great choices for the greatest uniform in the league this season. Some teams are easy to leave off of this list due to their unappealing and plain jerseys, while other teams are known for their classic uniforms that are simple yet perfect.

Best MLB jerseys 2022

When looking at which teams have the best jerseys, home, away, and alternate jerseys all need to be accounted for. Home and alternate jerseys play the biggest factors, as teams have the most control over their design of them.

There have been some amazing jerseys in the past, but this list only includes the best baseball uniforms right now. Here are the 15 teams with the best MLB jerseys 2022 edition.

15. Red Sox

Boston Red Sox jerseys have not much going on, which in this case is a good thing. The classic white jersey with the red lettering has been the iconic Red Sox look for a while now.

The Red Sox now has “City Connect” themed alternates, which are extremely different from Boston’s normal colors. With the addition of yellow and hints of powder blue in honor of the Boston Marathon, the jerseys closely resemble UCLA’s colors.


Throughout the 2022 season, the Red Sox will wear a Jerry Remy patch to honor the former player and announcer who passed away last October.

14. Giants

Another simple yet effective design, there should be no complaints about the San Francisco Giants home jerseys. The road jerseys could be better, especially with the San Francisco lettering across the front of them, but the home and alternates make up for it.

The classic cream color is iconic to Giants baseball, while the black and orange alternates are some of the best alternate jerseys in baseball currently. Just ignore the City Connect jerseys.

13. Mariners

The classic home whites and the road grays are good jerseys, but it’s the alternates that put the Seattle Mariners on this best MLB jerseys 2022 list. The aqua color jerseys with the silver lettering on the front are just a perfect combo for Seattle’s alternate.


In addition to the aqua jerseys, the Mariners have a royal alternative jersey that is also impressive. The home and away jerseys may not stand out among the rest in the league, but the alternates are some of the best MLB jerseys to buy in 2022.

12. Pirates

With a nice, sleek design, the Pittsburgh Pirates home jerseys are above most in MLB. The black and yellow lettering and trim on the arm sleeves are nice touches and stay united with the rest of the Pittsburgh professional sports teams’ colors.

The black alternates with the gold trim are just as good. Although the one with “Pittsburgh” on the front is slightly better than the one with the large “P” on the left chest, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

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11. Brewers

The home jerseys are nice, but the Milwaukee Brewers may have a better road jersey. The logo on the left sleeve of the gray road jersey featuring an “M” inside of the map of Milwaukee is a great addition.

The navy-blue alternate is pretty good as well. It may be too dark of a blue, but the yellow lines down the middle and the same road jersey logo make up for it.

10. Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles home and away jerseys are simple, yet they work well. It is a classic, with the cursive orange lettering on the front and the Maryland flag patch on the left sleeve.

The alternates are even better though, as they stand out but in a good way. The solid black with the orange work together nicely, but the best out of all of them is the solid orange alternate with the black lettering and white trim.

9. Cubs

The classic white home jersey with blue pinstripes has been used by the franchise for decades. The Cubs logo is one of the best in the league, and, unfortunately, it is not on the front of the away jerseys.

Although the simple “City Connect” design was deemed a bust among many Cubs fans, the royal alternates more than makeup for it. The royal jersey features the “C” logo with the cub on the front, which is also used on the left sleeve of the home and away jerseys.

8. Phillies

The Phillies logo is top tier with the red lettering and blue stars, and when combined with the red pinstripes, makes for one of the best baseball uniforms right now. While most teams lack a good road jersey, the Phillies have a pretty great one.

The cream and red alternates are solid jerseys as well, as they both feature the same Phillies lettering in the front as the home and road jerseys.

7. Dodgers

Although the Dodgers swung and missed on the City Connect jerseys, their home and road jerseys are classics that never need to be changed.

The home whites feature the blue “Dodgers” lettering on the front and “LA” on the left sleeve. They also include the player’s number on the front below the team’s name. In addition, Los Angeles has a great royal alternate with white lettering.

6. Padres

The San Diego Padres are one of the few teams with great home, away, and alternate jerseys. It is difficult to make tan jerseys look good, but the Padres knock it out of the park with their tan alternates with black pinstripes.

The best part of the Padres uniforms is that they all feature the Friar logo on the left sleeve. That alone ranks it high on this best MLB jerseys 2022 list.

5. Tigers

Detroit’s jerseys haven’t changed much over the last couple of decades, and it’s because they are already great. The “D” logo on the front of the home jerseys is simple, yet an iconic look for the team.

The Tigers realize they have something special with their uniforms and have acted appropriately by leaving them alone.

4. Yankees

One of the most well-known jerseys in all of sports, the New York Yankees home pinstripes are special whether you love them or hate them. They do not include the players names on the back, which showcases the team’s history.

The road jerseys aren’t the nicest though, which is the main reason why the Yankees aren’t higher on this list.

3. Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have one of the cleanest looks in all of baseball. Their logo is one of the best in the league and is perfectly placed on all of their jerseys.

In addition to their great home and road jerseys, the Blue Jays royal blue alternates put them near the top of this best MLB jerseys 2022 ranking.

2. Cardinals

It doesn’t get much better than the St. Louis Cardinals jerseys. The cardinals on the bat are a perfect size and blends perfectly with the “Cardinals” lettering on the front of their home jerseys.

The team also has some great alternates, as both the cream and powdered blue uniforms feature similar designs as the home and road jerseys.

1. Athletics

The Oakland Athletics have the greatest collection of alternates in the league. No jersey is better than the Kelly green alternates, which is the reason they are number one on this best MLB jerseys 2022 list.

The green, gold, and white work perfectly on all their jerseys, and the elephant logo on the left sleeve is a great touch.

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