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Ranking the 10 best third basemen in MLB ahead of the 2022 season

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It’s time for our best third basemen 2022 ranking. So, if you’re looking for a cheat sheet for one of baseball’s toughest positions to feel, then look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Best third basemen 2022

The hot corner is one of baseball’s trickiest positions. Dominated by right-handed hitters, it may not be easy to find a jack of all trades or a player who can do multiple things to help you win your fantasy league. You either settle for those high-average guys or for the dominant slugger who can hit 30+ homers a year.

Then again, there’s a handful of third basemen who can actually do a little bit of everything. Besides their slugging and strong arm, some of them have made a living out of their top-notch defense and timely hitting. Here, we’re going to honor them by letting you know about the best third basemen right now.

10. Kris Bryant

Albeit a top 3B in MLB, Kris Bryant‘s decision to join the Colorado Rockies was slightly questionable, to say the least.

Yes, he’ll get a big paycheck and will continue the team’s tradition of top-notch third basemen, but he can forget about actually competing for a ring. Bryant is one of the most versatile third basemen in the league. He can play some first base and everywhere in the outfield as well while providing at least 25 homers a year.


Also, his offensive numbers should only go up at Coors Field, so he’s definitely a guy to target come fantasy draft night.

9. Anthony Rendon

There’s no denying that, when healthy, Anthony Rendon can do it all. The biggest issue with him is that he hasn’t been healthy often since joining the Los Angeles Angels. Rendon is a top-notch player when it comes to making contact and piling up extra-base hits at an alarming rate. He may not be much of a contributor in the stolen bases category but he certainly can put the ball in play often.

The Angels are expected to be better next season with Mike Trout also at full strength, so look for Rendon to be a consistent source of RBIs and runs.

8. Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson joined the New York Yankees to serve as their new big-time slugger in the infield. Assuming he can stay healthy, he’ll surely have no trouble becoming a fan favorite at the Bronx Zoo, even despite his well-documented character issues.


Donaldson can rake baseballs like the best of them and he’s always had a knack for getting walks as well.

7. Yoan Moncada

At just 27 years old and reportedly in the best shape of his career, Yoan Moncada is one of the prime breakout candidates entering this season. He’s one of the few third basemen in the league who’s a legit threat to steal 25+ bases per season and is coming off a career-high OBP (.375) last season.

While not the strongest hitter on this list, he did hit 14 home runs last season. If he’s healthy and can return to 2019 form, he’ll be one of the biggest steals in your league.

6. Alex Bregman

For the first time in a couple of years, Alex Bregman enters the year as one of the top 3B in MLB. He showed glimpses of greatness between 2018 and 2019 but hasn’t found the same groove since the shortened season, mostly due to injuries.

He’s still quite young and one of the best defenders in his position. Also, he’ll be a steady contributor for walks, runs, and RBIs thanks to the Astros’ star-studded offense.

5. Austin Riley

Austin Riley‘s 2021 campaign was so impressive that he’s not likely to match those numbers ever again. That being said, he’s still one of the prime candidates when you’re targeting a third baseman who can drive in runs at a high rate.

He’s coming off a Silver Slugger season thanks to 33 homers, 107 RBIs, and an OP of .898. Also, he went from being one of the worst defenders at his position to an elite infielder.

4. Nolan Arenado

Even though his numbers took a slight dip after leaving Coors Field, Nolan Arenado is expected to be one of the best third basemen 2022.

He’s one of the few five-tool players in the league and a guy who can contribute to nearly every major stat, both fantasy-wise and in real life. He’s got a knack for making spectacular defensive plays and is perhaps the most talented player on this list.

3. Manny Machado

Manny Machado is entering a potential contract year as he can opt out of his deal after this season. That being said, we expect him to be highly motivated to prove he’s still worthy of a massive payday even if he’s not the same top-notch defender he used to be.

Machado can hit for power and average and has a great feel for earning walks, but he may not be a legit threat to steal bases at this point in his career.

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2. Rafael Devers

While not the best defender, nor the fastest guy in the league, Rafael Devers has established himself as one of the best offensive contributors in his position. He plays at a hitters-friendly park and has a knack for putting the ball into play all over the field.

He’s coming off hitting a career-best 38 home runs and is entering a contract year, so he’ll look to do some more of that in 2022.

1. Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez is coming off back-to-back MVP-caliber seasons and we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

He doesn’t have a good supporting cast so banking him to pile up RBIs may not be wise. Then again, he’s a reliable source of every single thing one may need to win his league, including 27 stolen bases last season.

He can rake, he’s an elite base-runner, and the hits will be there, so he should be the first guy off the board at his position.

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